Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

The young women of today that I know are strong in so many ways. They manage to juggle many balls in the air-children, work, home, not to mention being a wife. Much responsibility lies on their shoulders in this new busy world. So hats off to this new generation of women! You are making us old broads proud!
Remember to take a little bit time to have fun with your gal pals in 2010! When women get together they get even stronger.

To my Birthday Girl Club and '69 classmate/pals...lets make 2010 our best year yet. Let's have so much fun we embarrass our kids!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Rylee's Christmas was unbelievable! She had so much fun ripping the paper and playing with her toys. Sharing it with her was a blessing. The only damper on the two days was Shannon was sick. The whole time. She ate about four bites of food over three days. I am hoping she turns a corner soon.

We missed all of you from Minnesota to South Africa! Hope your holidays were wonderful! Much Love...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Three hours and counting

Hi Ho Hi
it's off to
pick up my husband I go!

Yes today is the day! Is everybody happy? Yes we are! Rylee's Papa is on the way.

Can't think about much else today...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

explaining last couple posts

I was trying to link up a new blog from a new friend but it flubbed up. However the good news is for now, if you click on the link you can see her new baby boy Rinus. He is a cutie and about Norah's age.
Later I will have Shannon fix everything. Nice to have my own computer helper on site.

Rylee was fussy this morning and seemed really tired, I usually hold her nap over until around 11:30 but today I had to give in and put her down at 10:30. She cried when I put her in the crib which she rarely ever does. But I left anyway and by the time I could walk into the downstairs bedroom and turn on the monitor...she was sound asleep. Guess she did need that early nap.

Only one more day to wait and then John will be here! Can you say yeah!

A Little Bit of Spice: Rinus: Picture taken at the Baby House

A Little Bit of Spice: Rinus: Picture taken at the Baby House

Monday, December 14, 2009

update to PO hell

I have found PakMail! You can ship us mail or ups or fed people...just walk in and pay....I may have found my Heaven. I know one thing I'll never use the Post Office again!

update to todays post

Hell must be the U.S. Post Office!

I vow after these last two packages I will NEVER (and never is a long time) mail anything again! This morning at 8:00 Rylee and I went to the PO to mail a package I got in error (grrr) and my last box. We were so far back in line we weren't even inside the building at first. When I got to the boxes-I literally couldn't figure out how to put them together-I figured they could do it when I got to the window. A few minutes later, another idiot like myself who couldn't figure his box out either, asked for help and they said NO. Seriously, the employee told him to come back with the box ready to go. There were too many people in line for them to take the time. I figured the man was going to pull out a gun and shoot her, so Rylee and I turned around and pushed our way out the in door. There are not enough bad words in my vocabulary to express how I feel! I give up. I would go to UPS but the return has to be post mail. And I can't figure out the pick up thing.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Where on where did my weekend go? I am babysitting Rylee while Shannon and Jon are at a Holiday party. She was wound up tight and crazy earlier but settled. She likes to lay across my lap and have me tickle her back and that calmed her after Mommy and Daddy left. At 7:25 she went down to bed. Now I have a bit of internet shopping to do before I watch a Christmas movie.
Tomorrow is a busy day, I have to clean and do laundry amoung other chores...getting ready for the hubby. Today I finished all but two of my sewing projects, maybe I can finish tomorrow if I'm not too tired.
The only thing I really need to do is mail a couple more things and wait for Thursday! Can't wait to see you honey!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Things I learned lately; (some from you all)
Who would have thought the post office would pick up? I tried calling to check it out but they don't actually answer the phone...maybe later. Then I re-read your comment and saw I need to check the internet. Thanks Cindie.

Went to the drive through post office box this AM at 6:30 to mail my cards...guess what? It was full! Right to the brim and it was a huge drop box. Guess Holiday cards are not going out of style.

On Demand has all kinds of stuff...I checked it out last night! Thanks Jess.

Rylee likes to drink the dogs water. She sticks her fingers in and licks them.

Rylee doesn't like the same thing twice in a row. If yesterdays breakfast included cantaloupe she won't eat it today. The only exception seems to be soup...she will eat soup everyday for every meal.

Have I mentioned lately how much I am loving this cooler weather. For Florida, cooler weather means the mornings and evenings feel wonderful...days still hot but not sweltering.

Two mornings in a row I have set off my security alarm at 6:30! Boy my neighbors must love me.
Well that is about it for now, just things I have been thinking about.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I am not a nice person

Florida has changed me into not a nice person! I hate the lines, the rudeness and now I fight back!

Yes, I went to the post office again! That place just raises my blood pressure upon entering. I had to mail a package and ups wanted 15.00, a little light weight package. So thinking I could save some money I went to the PO. Where I got in line for, what turned out to be 45 minutes. Where at 4:00 three weeks before Christmas they had ONE person working behind the counter. The lady behind me in line kept on pushing me. I was playing free cell on my phone, trying to be calm, but her elbow in my side wasn't helping. Finally I turned and said, "would you mind not pushing." To which she said, "well there is space between you and the guy in front of you." To which I said, "no matter how close I get to him, we'll still be in the same possition in line!" (For the record-she didn't back up.) And FYI I save $3.10...UPS here I come from now on!

Then I proceeded to Publix, where I thought the God's were looking out for me, I parked right in front-first spot! When I came out a lady, about 30, stopped and waited for my spot while I loaded my groceries into the car. (Again, ironically, there were many spots open.) I started to back up but she was so close behind me I couldn't get out of the spot, I moved forward and back trying but I didn't want to hit the car next to me. I rolled my window down and motioned her to move back. She didn't. So I got out, walked up to her window and said, "If you want this spot lady you are going to have to move the ___ back! I can't get my car out!"

As I said, I am not a nice person-and I blame the state of Florida and the postal system.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Checking my list

What a crazy weekend. I only slept about three hours a night, due to those horrible leg cramps again! There is no amount of money that would be too much to pay if someone could actually get rid of them. I have tried, the needs more water, potasiom, vit D, calcium and tonic! Nothing works. My mom would probably say, "It's the meanness coming out of me!" That is what she used to tell me when I was a kid. Boy as bad as these are I must have been one mean SOB!

On the other hand, I made use of all the awake hours. I checked a lot off my to do list! I sewed about 20 things-most were little, only one quilt-and got my cards almost done. I wrote a personal note in every one of them-my hand even hurts! Plus a little light cleaning and laundry. (that is what two days without Rylee & no sleep will get ya-work done)

I only have one more weekend to finish every thing and then my hubby will be here and I am not doing anything but spoil him, from the second he gets here! Counting the days Sweetie!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Power Shopping

I am trying to move Rylee's nap to the middle of her day. Usually, she wants to go back to bed around 9:00-10:00 I am moving it toward noon. 11:30 the last two days. She really fights it. Yesterday, we went shopping that helped. Today she rattled the gate to get upstairs and finally laid on the floor with her blanket. I had to do some fast and fun playing to keep her up. But we made it. I hope we can continue, it will be better for her in the long run.

I have been starting addressing my cards and writing in them...I think the addressing is the worse, I should have let Shannon run them for me...oh well, next year.

Tonight Rylee is staying with Daddy and Shannon and I are going to power shop! I would like to finish or almost finish. I have Rylee done so the rest should be a cake walk. I like to mail Christmas gifts early.

Monday, November 30, 2009

to scoop or not to scoop

There is a guy who lives a few units down from me. He drives a crappier vehicle than I do-which is amazing in itself. His wife (or girlfriend) walks a medium size black dog. Everytime I am home I see her let the dog crap in my yard and they walk off leaving me to be the pooper scooper. Two weeks ago, I saw the dog squating and ran outside with a garbage bag.
I said, "Hello, I brought you out a doggie bag as I've noticed you usually don't have one with you." I thought that was tackful, but apparently not, as she grabbed the bag, scooped the poop and stalked off without a word. Yesterday, when I saw her dog start to squat I noticed she jerked the chain and moved to the next yard to let it poop and left the poop lay. Atleast it hasn't pooped in my front yard since. Now if I could only get my neighbors to pick up after their dog. And to pick up their garbage. They always just throw trash out on the lawn and it blows all over the place. Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking.

Once again there are many stray cats in my complex. These cats seem wild though, not like my little Patches from last year. I'm sure you remember I got my neighbor to adopt her and she says Patches is the sweetest cat she has ever seen. She never claws anything, always uses the kitty litter, rules the other two dogs, and loves to snuggle! She loves her so much and is thankful she adopted her. (I'm thankful too.)

The possums seem to be back in the area, I saw one this weekend. It drives the neighbors dog nuts but Angel doesn't seem to notice it.

Jon helped me put a desk out on the curb Saturday morning and it was gone in the time it took me to write the word FREE. It was a nice one, modern, so I am not surprised. With a couple things out of the garage I am starting to see a path open up. Hurrah!

I did get my tree up this weekend and I will buy some new lights for outside as last years are half out. Some of my neighbors have lights's starting to look a lot like Christmas!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I love this holiday!

I love this holiday, it's my favorite. A Day all about family and friends and being thankful for our blessings. It doesn't get any better than that. Although, I miss Thanksgiving Days past, when we all went to my Mom and Dad's. She was the best cook and made everyones favorite foods. The huge family gathering with all the kids what fun! With her love and food she made the day special. Sharing drinks, stories & arguing over politics, made it the loud crazy day I will never forget and will always long for...I Miss you Mom.

It's weird thinking that other countrys' don't celebrate Thanksgiving. That this is only an American Holiday. That tomorrow they won't be sitting down to turkey, dressing and mashed potatoes with gravy. That they won't be saying what they are thankful for. I feel bad for them but I guess they don't know what they are missing.

Here, it is raining and it looks like rain tomorrow too so here is my thought on that:
Rain Rain go away
Come back after Turkey Day.

Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings to you all.

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon reignites Twilight Fever

Once again the Twilight Fever is setting in. The New Moon movie was so good. Like everyone else the book was my least favorite because I wanted Bella to get back to Edward. But seeing Jacob in person (HUNK) gave me a new perspective!

I did think the director must have had a mean streak though...making Edward (Pattinson) appear shirtless right after Jacob...come on! That was just uncalled for and cruel!

I hope I don't feel the need to start reading the books over again, at least not until after Christmas, I have so many things to do and no time to do them. I am espesially addicted to reading Midnight Sun, Edwards version of Twilight, I'm trying to use my will-power not to go to the web site or pull the books out. But you know I have no will-power, if I did, I'd use it to stick to my diet.

Wish me luck on both-I need it!

Friday, November 20, 2009

a true story of switched at birth

Read my last blog to hear from someone who was switched at birth. I was shocked & saddened to read his story. I followed his link to understand more. I think the book would explain a lot of questions.

It is something I thought of when I had Shannon because back in those days it happened. I was paranoid about having John remember her face, ears etc. Thankfully today they have a lot more security in place but I'll bet it still happens.

Rylee update: She is still having diarrhea and yeast infection, it is so sad. She is miserable. It ticks me off the doctors don't warn you this will happen when you take antibiotics and have you treat it as you are taking the stuff. I sure hope she gets back on track. My heart breaks everyday.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

switched at birth

What would you do if you found out the child you took home from the hospital, loved and raised-for a year-was not your child; and your child was in another home being raised by someone else?

I watched this show today about this very thing, based on a true story and what a mess. Think about it, what would you do?

Of course everyone would want both children but what if that wasn't an option? I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This and That

Finally seems like little Rylee is starting to feel better. What a slow process. Nothing is worse than when you have a sick child or grandchild in this case. Brought me right back to the days when Shannon was a baby. She used to spike the highest fevers. It was so scary.

On a happier note book club is this Thursday, I am hosting. In honor of the book I picked, One Thousand White Women-The journals of Mae Dodd- by Jim Fergus...we are having Indian fare. Wild rice, and I am making it into wild rice soup and salad. (Which is not how they prepared it I assume-but a tribute just the same.) I recommend the book, very interesting and a page turner. A lot to discuss.

Thanksgiving is upon us and it makes me lonely for John and my family back home. I guess this is a good one to miss if I have to as John can't eat dinner anyway. He is having surgery the next day, a triple hernia repair. Wish I could be there to spoil him a few days. I will make up for it when he gets here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

When I was younger Veteran's Day didn't mean much to me. I don't think I ever gave it much thought. But now I realize that it is a day to be thankful. I think we all forget the sacrifices they make and take them for granted. I know I do. Last week was a big reminder though--so sad the senseless massacre in Texas at Fort many families left in pain. Since the revolutionary war soldiers have been putting themselves in harms way to protect this country and it's people. I for one, am thankful for and everyday. I wouldn't be brave enough to do what they do.

I hope that we can all take a few minutes to say a prayer for all our soldiers and their families tonight.

Monday, November 9, 2009

No Excuses

Don't know what my excuse is for not blogging...been busy. Also been babysitting a lot at my place-no computer there.

Finally, the weather here is cooling-what does that mean besides great weather-it means my MN friends will be coming to their winter places in FL. and we can get together! I am missing them. See you gals soon!

Angel still seems to be choking quite a bit...even though she was on meds for about 20 days. Guess another trip to the vet might have to happen, I am watching her.

Saturday was hectic, I had a late night Friday. Then Sat. moved things around, in the house yet again. Cleaned a closet, laundry, and scrubbed floors. Sat. night made pizza and snacks for Shannon and Venessa. I took out my Grandmothers glass crystal pitcher and made sangria. I put it back in the frig to keep it cold and sure enough knocked it out of the frig and onto the floor. Thankfully, someone above was watching, and it didn't break or chip! It did make a heck of a mess, which Venessa cleaned up. Thanks.

Took Rylee out swinging this morning she put her hands in the air and said, "weee". Yesterday Shannon and I took her to the park, where a woman was hogging the swings with her two children. There are only two kids swings and she had them when we came and 30 minutes later Shannon said, "well should we just go?" To which I replied, "they will have to get off the swings sometime, lets wait."
I guess that hint did it, as she got the kids off. Rylee took a turn for 5-6 minutes and then we left. Shannon said the Parents magazine says at busy parks stay only five minutes on each piece of equipment to give the other kids a chance. Apparently, the other woman doesn't read Parents magazine.

Then we ran an errand to City Furniture and home again. Finished cleaning. Making my Sunday a lot more relaxing than Saturday. I was ready for the week to start just to get onto my routine.

Monday, November 2, 2009


This year there seemed to be no trick or treaters out. I had three and one was Rylee. Shannon had one, Miller. So I guess parents are finally following the warnings...there are scary people out on Halloween and I don't mean the good kind. In So. Florida at least, parents kept close watch on their children this year.
Good for you!
But it leaves us with a lot of uneaten candies. (I bagged mine up and told Jon to take it to work.)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Input needed on floor steamer

Does anyone have a floor steamer? I want to buy one for the tile. If anyone has one and likes it or doesn't I would love the brand name and where you got it. Also the price. Thanks for the help. These floors need help.

Also Orkin came and today a huge 3 inch roach was dying in the garage. Does anyone else get those huge things? I am still shuttering!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ryan got me thinking!

I think light bulbs and batterys have a suicide pack...that is why when one-takes a powder-they all do.

I think you can never have too many good friends.

I think I waste a lot of time watching crap on TV.

I think Obama needs to watch replays of his campaign tapes.

I think people in Heaven should have phone privleges.

I think windshield manufacturers should work harder! (Those things are crap.)

I think people in the service industry should actually do what they say they are going to do.

I think New Moon will set me off on another EDWARD frenzy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Out there somewhere

I posted this morning but it didn't post. Can't remember what I said but I'm sure it was witty and charming!

Had a fun day with Rylee: Came here at 6:45, she woke up and had her milk around 7:15-we played in the play room until Breakfast then went to my house for her nap. Had lunch, we played until she got cranky about 2:30 and headed back here where she is napping in her own crib. Pretty uneventful except for the side trip to HomeGoods! She was having fun looking at all the bright and pretty things...I'm pretty sure she asked me for her own credit card...but it was garbled.

Book Club in two days...I'm looking forward to that! Finished the book today.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Weather is Fab

Oh man I love this weather! I even took Angel out for a nice walk, she loved it too! I would love to open the bedroom window at night but I can't figure out how to have it open and still have the alarm system armed! I will have to get out the book.
I am too chicken to sleep without the alarm. Even though I have a gun by my bed. Living alone is not my favorite thing. I have been a chicken since I was a kid. Most likely my big brother is to blame! He loved scaring me and I never got over it.

Rylee sure wouldn't eat this morning...not french toast, nor yogurt, nor cereal. I guess she will eat at lunch.

Both dog's seem less than great, but not as bad...we'll see if the meds worked...Angel's are done today.

I am pooped out today, I may nap with Rylee.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

quite the morning!

What a morning I've had and it's only 9:30! Rylee and I were in the play room around 7:00 am and I heard a dreaded beep...the battery in one of the four smoke detectors located in a eight foot area...was going. Normally I would ignore the annoying beep but Rio is terrified of it. I went down stairs to let her up through the gates. Now I can't figure which one is beeping. When I think I have it I drag a stool over and I am still too short. I go get a step ladder and pull the plug on it. Then you must change the battery or it keeps beeping. Rio & Rylee are under foot during this process. I accomplish the task and bring Rylee down for breakfast. Rio wants to go out...she does and comes in running into the living room. I finish feeding Rylee and follow her out to the other room...much to my horror it has smeary black shit (literally,) all over it! From Rio's paws and now I see,neck, has black crap all over it too. I start the chase, she won't let me near her. I also need to corral Rylee, don't want her in that!

This is the part where if there was a nanny cam on me it would be priceless! Rio hides under the couch and I can't get her. So I clean up the mess and wait for her to come out, When I grab her I try to clean her best I can, she needs a bath tonight! I'm exhausted and Rylee was too as she went down for an early nap. I am going to try to relax a bit. See if I ever fix a smoke detector for you again Rio!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

quick update

Angel seems to be getting better. She is on quarantine for 7 days at least.

Give me a break with this heat!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sick Angel

Angel has Kennel Cough. Poor sick baby. One week to the day after grooming she got the cough, which is the incubation time for kennel cough. So for sure she got it there, she hasn't been anywhere else to get it. So far Rio isn't sick but they were together a couple days before I knew she was sick. Angel was so good at the Vet's office. She got two shots and never even flinched! He couldn't believe it. He said one shot burns and brings Rotweiler's to their knees screaming in pain! Good job Angel! She is one brave girl. And when it was over she still licked him! She is taking pills but hopefully will feel better soon.

I am done with grooming...I won't take her again. A little voice inside my head told me not to leave her that day...I should have listened! I will next time.

My 10 days hanging out with Shannon has turned into a back breaker and so far no fun. Hopefully this weekend is better. (Although we aren't done so I doubt it!) I hate leaving Angel alone so I am spending part of the day at each house.

What is with this heat!! For all that is Holy...we need a breeze at least.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Early start Friday/and interesting tid bits

Got an early start today as Jon had to get to the airport so I was here a bit before 6:00. Rylee is still sleeping but starting to stir. She hates when you get her up before she is fully awake.

Had a bit of excitment last night while I was talking to the hubby on the phone one of my neighbors called. I ignored the call and when I was done I listened to the voice mail. She was concerned because there were cops in front of my place and they were walking around. When I didn't answer...more concerned. Apparently something happening but I missed the whole thing. I guess that's a good thing?

At Crosby's homecoming football game two weeks ago...there were streakers! Yes, two naked as J-birds in the cold, high school kid streakers! They ran the full lenghth of the field and jumped the fence. (Well one cleared the fence the other one had to take a second try at it. ouch!) They ran off into the woods bare-foot with the cops on thier trail. Sadly, they were tattled on and arrested. What is this world coming to--when kids have to get a police record just for having fun. Chase real crooks could you please!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nite Nite

Sleeping like a baby on my new bed! So soft. Should have swapped beds with the kids months ago. Oh well it makes me appreciate sleep so much more. Angel seems to like it too. Although to be truthful, not much disturbs her sleep!

This weekend I have several things I should do. But as Jon is gone Shannon, Rylee and I have funner plans. Hope it is not this hot on the weekend!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Had a pretty relaxing weekend and got alot of organizing done in the house. I didn't sleep Sat. night at I had time on my hands. Did get an okay night in Sunday and Jon didn't need me until noon today! The rest felt good but didn't do me as much good as I back is still darn sore.

Rylee just finished her MILK and now she and I are having a tea to run.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Rylee vs Angel

Since Angel was a puppy I have given her a cherrio when she goes potty. Her reward. It worked well and she was trained in a week. However she still demands her reward!

Rylee loves cherrio's as well & Angel hangs close when Rylee eats.

Well, today when Angel went potty-I tossed her a cherrio...and Rylee went for it. She dove to the floor after it. Luckily Angel was faster! But Rylee was not happy about losing out on her treat...I had to give both girls one.

Hopefully, that training technique will work on Rylee when we start potty training her!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nothing much

Day care at my house this week so posting from I phone-to small to say much. We have been having fun and Angel likes being home once in awhile as do I.
I made a delicious dinner last night for J & S. I haven't cooked much lately have to get in a little practice when I can.
Must run a neighbor is coming for a visit.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day three home free!

We had a good night and Rylee is playing with the dogs toys and watching the rain. Quick post. The parents will be home about supper. Hope they had fun! Rylee and I are going to pull out the books...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Two down

Today we didn't have an afternoon nap...and she is out like a to follow! I am having a drink (this afternoon was stressful!)

One down

This is the weekend Jon and Shannon are off for their get a way and I got through my first night with Rylee. She is still sleeping so I thought I'd catch up.
Last night she did not start off well. I put her down about 7:45 after reading stories. But she knew Mama should be putting her to bed apparently. She didn't cry but at 8:40 she was still squirming all over. I thought maybe she pooped so up I went and changed her, no poo, I gave her a bit of milk as she hadn't drank much of hers before. Then just rocked and hummed in the dim light. Then I put her back. She fussed a second or two but still didn't sleep until 9:30. She was trying too but I think she knew something was off. After that it was smooth. She is stiring now like a normal morning but not ready to get up.
Hope tonight goes smoother!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pic Wedensday

Drinking and driving? Who me?


Over the legal milk limit? Oh No! Please don't tell my Daddy!


Okay, I'm spoiled, I have my own I phone.

Sure Grandpa, I'll teach you how to use it.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good bye to Gary's Bar

A sad tale from back home. A restaurant/bar/banquet hall, and a place all of us from C-I loved, has sadly closed it's doors this week. It was one of the few places in our area that was a clean family place to eat, where the food was good, but you could still grab a beer. The bar has been around for at least 75-100 years. It has had four or five owners but remained. Jon Polich's Grandpa even owned it at one time. It's closing is devastating to the town and the family's involved. Good luck to them in the future. I hope someone else will open it and try again. It is such a nice place with a lot to offer.

Rylee news:
Enter Rylee's picky eater faze! Right after her birthday she has decided to be a picky kid. No matter what I fix for breakfast, she won't eat it. So today I thought, maybe she takes after her dad and doesn't like breakfast, so I fixed lunch and ta-dah she ate it. (it's probably a fluke) And while I'm at it, a big thank you goes out to Campbell's for "chicken and stars soup"! She loves it and so far isn't sick of it. So when all else fails...But still I am hopeful that she won't be as picky eater as her mom was!

Another thought, why is it, Rylee has all these great new toys and still she picks through Rio's toy bin and goes for those groody things?

On another matter entirely: I made one of Racheal Ray's pecan and cheese stuffed/ bacon wrapped chicken breasts last night for! It may have been the best thing I ever ate! Can't wait to make it for John when he comes back.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rylee's Bermuda Triangle

Here are a few Rylee-isums I've been meaning to post:

Every morning at Jon and Shannon's around 9:15 to 9:30 there is a triangle shaped sun-spot right by their leather sectional and every time Rylee walks through it the bright sun blinds her, she squints her eyes, and she falls flat. She will walk back and forth five or six different times. When she walks toward the kitchen she passes right through. But when she walks toward the front of the house, blind-spot and splat. I guess she is trying to figure out why she keeps falling one way and not the other. I call it Rylee's Bermuda Triangle!

When she wants to get picked up she throws her arms into the air, straight up and bends her wrists over. It's hard to picture, (I will try to get a photo) but it looks like a dance pose and cracks me up.

When she doesn't want to eat what you prepared she won't even taste it...she just keeps her mouth shut tight as a trap. Apparently, it looks like crap!

Today she has been trying hard to get a boo-boo before going to the doctor. First she fell on the tile with a toy in her hand and bumped her cheek. She cried and cried. She finally stopped when she was given angel kisses. Real ones, Angel washed her face literally. Usually, she won't kiss her as she is a bit leery of Rylee as Rylee can be over-exuberant with her. But today when she saw tears, Angel had to help.
Then Rylee got a mysterious injury, we were playing with her zoo toy and I don't know what happened but she started crying so it must have pinched.
Then she was riding her car and tipped it over and she went ass over tea kettle. So far, no visible injury's that I can see, but the day is young...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

up date

Nana Day Care...going good.
Only snag is that because Rylee is teething...her eating habits have changed and I can't get her to eat much. But as Shannon said this morning...she will eat when she is hungry...she is fine, so I am not stressing. Rylee is loving the new birthday toys! Thanks folks!

Not much going on since John left, I sewed a quick quilt and part of a second. Visited with my neighbor last night, she is PG and home on bed rest. But all is going well and it looks like in two weeks they will let her deliver.

Last night I had two margarita's and off to bed with me. Might have to do that every night.

I feel as though I haven't settled into a routine yet...but I'll get there. We have a baby shower and book club this week to look forward to! I need to finish the book today. That is about it. Over and Out.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Rylee is finishing breakfast-only cherios are left, so I have a minute.

Busy couple of days ahead. TGIF! My John is coming in for Rylee's b-day tomorrow (hurrah) so I need to clear room in the closet, drawers etc. Do a bit of laundry, & give the place a lick and a promise. I don't want him to think I live like a slob.(which I have been)

Shop for party, cook a little for party, work on Rylee's party hat (which is not coming too great...might have to buy one.) Angel needs a pillow for the new couch so she will lay on it instead of directly on couch.

I have tried to work on the above all week but I have realized I only have energy in the morning. By the time I get home from work all I have enough energy for is dinner, dishes and rest! Today I got up at 4:00 to get a head start on the cleaning. But tonight I have to force myself...

In order to live more green...I have purchased two of the big waters with a spout for my fridge. Both have just leaked out all over my fridge and floor! I tried one last year...same thing. I am done with those and will stick to the gallon jugs from now on. Grrrr

Well miss Rylee is done and I must run. I'm sure I will be too busy having fun this next week to blog.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

something stinks

Yesterday at 6:30 am when I got in my car I smelled something awful! Right away I thought, what died in here? So bravely I drove to Shannon and Jon's anyway. I asked Jon if he would check the car for critters when he got home from work. All day I fretted about what it would be. True to his word Jon went out on death patrol...but rather than a dead lizzard or rat (as I feared) it was....dead cilantro! Guess it had rolled out of the bag and under my seat!It doesn't matter, it could have been something awful, he is still my hero!

Thanks Jon, for changing my-too high to reach-light blubs, carrying furniture, fixing my garage and closet doors, leaky faucets and for death patrol! I know it's a pain, but thanks for always being there.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

8 steps for Rylee

Rylee just took 8 steps in a row unassisted and uncoached and she actually moved forward accross the room with big steps! Now she is playing with her zoo toy so I am blogging quick.

With design help from Shannon and moving help from Jon (and with a bit of lifting help from Pete) I have re-vamped my living room. I love it! It seems twice as big and super comfy. I will take a few pics and post soon.

Pete & Amy also took my red furniture, which made me so happy. Now it is still in the family...from S&J to me to P&A.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Stepping up

Rylee took four unassisted steps in a row today and actually moved forward! Hurray for her! Now she is having a tea party and I want to join...see ya.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Catch up

Rylee is playing in the toy box next to me so I thought I catch up on blogging. Which is not the only thing that needs catching up. I am still pretty much playing catch up on everything. Catch up on cleaning and getting reorganized. Catch up on sewing projects. Catch up with friends. Catch up on the hunt for new furniture. Catch up on sleep! I haven't even caught up with Shannon since I have been home as when she walks in the door, I walk out, rushing to catch up on the above! Maybe once I have another weekend to myself things will slow down.

Rylee has been so funny today. She is so wanting to get into some trouble with cabinets or the fish tank or climbing...she is off again. I better catch up!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

barking dog

Today Rio is back on patrol. The last two days she has been staying close by but today she has decided I can be trusted and has moved out to the door where she barks at most anything traveling loudly by-waking up Rylee. Grrrr. At present I am seeing if she will go back to sleep for a third time during this nap.

Last night I couldn't sleep a wink, I hate that, my mind just chattered with jibberish all night. Oh and by the way I still didn't unpack.
Can you spell L A Z Y? I did watch 17 again and it was cute.

Well, Rylee is calling, she didn't go back to sleep.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday lovin'

Yesterday Rylee and I had so much fun playing. She was a laugh a minute. What a difference a day makes...she must have caught her daddy's cold. Today her nose is running and she is content just to sit on my lap and cuddle with her blankie. Of course I don't wish this cold on her, but I am enjoying the lovin' just the same. I have been humming and rocking her back and forth and what is so cute...she hums with me. She is such a little copy cat. (She even hums out of tune, just like me.)

Last night I did some work, mostly rested still tired from my trip I guess. I haven't unpacked or made the bed in two days...where oh where has Connie gone?
Rylee is sleeping so I better put this time to better use.

Hi to Cindie! Miss you friends back home.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nanny on duty

I can't believe the changes in Rylee in a month. She is walking, she has long hair (in the back anyway)she is off the bottle and just not a baby anymore. She walked down the hall with me hand in hand to change her diaper today. And I thought...sad...where did my baby go?

I slept good last night but the house is a disaster, tonight I must unpack and clean. Hope to see my Florida pals soon.

I see you were saving the hurricans until I could get back!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Rylee here comes gramma! I've been missing you, actually I have been missing both my girls. See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meteor shower

Last night at birthday girls we were Lucky enough to be out on the lake during a meteor shower!
Wow so many shooting stars. It was great.

Also, welcome baby Norah!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

water works

I have to admit something very embarrassing...I am officially the sappiest person on the planet.

Yesterday I watched the dumbest show on earth, "Lars and the real girl" If you haven't seen it...don't! But the idea is this guy is so lonely he orders a fake, rubber girl friend and treats her like real. The whole town goes along with it and invites this girl everywhere because they like him so much. And yes it is as bad and stupid as it sounds...
(Here comes my embarrassing moment:) finally the girl dies (as he is ready to rejoin reality) they have a funeral etc...and I bawled like a baby! Seriously, I felt bad, not for him, but for lonely people all over who might be feeling like he did...I know it is ridiculous. I thought it was at the time but couldn't seem to hold in the water works.
Good gosh, is there nothing I won't cry at? Pathetic!

Oh a happier note: John and I went to the county fair the night before and had a wonderful time. Nothing better than people watching and the fair food! Such fun. Also heard a great young band, called "start" they are 14 to 17, cute, all boys great mucic, great singers...all related. They will make it-you will be hearing about them. They have a CD check it out!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cabin Fever Forever!

When old grade school friends re-unite it is a thing of beauty! Yesterday six of us got together at Cindie's cabin in Hackinsack. What fun. She had a table set that Martha Stewart would be proud of. WOW! Cloth napkins and all! She made us the most delicious meal and pie. We checked out the area and went Agate hunting, and didn't leave until after 7:00 pm. Her place is as delightful as she is...a real gem. It did give me a few ideas for our resort since her cabin was a resort at one time too. (thinking on it...) I loved the whole feel of the place.

I do have to tease her...we not only got one set of cloth napkins we got two...a second one with desert! Confessions: In my entire life I have never, no never, put out cloth napkins. My idea of a napkin is tearing a paper towel in two.

Anyway the day and the friends will be hard to top.

Today I called her, I offered to buy lunch but she had leftovers and invited me to work, where everyone was so welcoming! Thanks!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Adding to my "worst wife award" was Tuesday was my 36th anniversary...did I spend it with my hubby? NO I hosted my Birthday girls club out at the lake. Three things in my defence: that was day that they usually meet, so all but one could come; I did make him a wonderful dinner the night before; and today we are celebrating with a movie and dinner out. But still...I deserve the Worst Wife Award.

Last night to top it off I woke him out of a deep sleep screaming in pain as I had those terrible cramps in my thighs again...Oh my gosh I thought I'd die...and he thought the neighbors were going to be calling the police on him. (If I see them outside today I will try to explain so they don't think he beats me.) Finally the pills kicked in and after what felt like an hour-real time 15 minutes-the subsided.

Other than that not a lot new. Missing my Rylee!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The class of 1967 celebrated our collective 60th Birthdays together this weekend...what a blast! You won't believe it but I was the last one standing. (Well Dale and I but he let me walk out last just to say I hung in there the longest.) That isn't bad for a girl (that is a loose term) who usually hits the hay by 8:30.
It was wonderful to see old friends but you never get enough time to would need a week.
Here is too old friends being the best friends....I love you all.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Captain of the ship

We bought an old pontoon and I have been loving it. I go out every couple days and drive to the middle of the lake and float! A few times I have had a girl friend come with. Today it was Ginny and if she wasn't such a good friend she might say that was her last trip. I wasn't very Captain worth today. I brought a great lunch and a bottle of wine, grabbed the life jackets from the shed. Loaded the boat. Casted off, pushed us out into the lake, sat in the drivers seat...(wait for it) and realized I forgot the boat key! Yep, there we were gliding into the deep with no paddles and no way to start the motor! Lucky for her quick thinking, we laid down in the front and used our hands to paddle like crazy and got back to dry-dock! Once we had the key and motored out though, we had a great afternoon floating, sipping wine and talking.
For future reference: In case anyone else is that dumb I put a pair of oars on board now!
Yesterday, my brother-in-law and I went out fishing. I have never enjoyed the lake so much in years. I will miss that most when I come back to Florida. It is so peaceful.

Friday, July 17, 2009

unrelated thoughts

Quick post:
Chickened out of my carpel tunnel surgery! Long story, still can't type much.
Missing Shannon and Rylee. (And FL ironically enough-the sun and people not the heat.)
Crappy weather here! Cold and rainy, dreary...not like July.
Class of '67's 60th Birthday party coming up...can't wait.
Having lots of fun on the fishing for real yet. Maybe soon.
Still reading your blogs though and keeping up.
Have a good weekend all.......

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beautiful Sunday

Beautiful Sunday! Most of you are too young to remember that song I suppose, but It was true today...great day in Minnesota...70, sunny light breeze no bugs...Rylee was swinging(We hung a swing in the tree for her) we had a picnic, now I am catching up and Rylee is napping. I might join her....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

where oh where

Where oh where have I gone? To the land of dreary, cold days, small apartments, and lots and lots of friends to catch up with! I have been on the run since getting home. Busy with the baby, garage saleing, visiting, spending time with the hubby etc.

Just wanted to say you won't hear much from me for a while. Shannon wants to keep her readers...I just don't care--busy is more fun.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some Of My Floor Quilts

A few of you have been asking me to post pics of my some of my quilts so here are some of the floor-quilts that I have recently made - I didn't want to post pics until they had been delivered.

This one was for my nephew. They just had a baby girl, Kaali.

This one was for one of Shannon's teacher friends who is in our book club. She is having a boy later in June and went with a jungle theme in his nursery.

This one was for my other nephew who is also having a girl. The back side on this one was a very soft pale pink.

This one was for Shannon & Jon's friends who are having a girl in August: Norah. It had that same bubblegum pink on the back in minky dot fabric.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Missing you

Mom would have had such a good time today celebrating her 90th birthday! If she were here this is how we would have celebrated...First, all her children and her grand children would have been there. We would have had a huge open house picnic style at her house. The party would have trickled out into the yard of course and folks would have stopped all afternoon to give her Happy Birthday wishes. Mom would have been the perfect hostess fussing over all the food and making sure people ate plenty. Even though all of us kids would have tried to get her just to sit and enjoy being waited on, she never would have. With Mom it was, always the hostess never the guest. And she would have been in her glory too, enjoying all of her friends and family. She would have told jokes & old stories, had a glass or two of wine, laughed a lot and most likely been the last one to bed!

I did a lot of wishing today that we could have had this lovely party for her. And I felt a bit cheated that she didn't get to have it. But it got me thinking...a lot of her family and most of her good friends have already passed so I'm thinking she had that great party today. She celebrated and laughed. She told jokes. She was young enough to dance the shodish with her mom and do the two-step with my dad. She was very happy on her 90th Birthday. And those of us who couldn't attend the party missed her very much but we were with her in spirit.

Happy 90th Mom...No body misses you more than I do. It's a hole in my heart that never heals. But I want you to know that everything good that I am, is because of you.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

dog sitting and packing

Due to the storms I have Rio visiting during S & J's party. And she an Angel both laid beside my in the big chair for three hours straight! (For those of you who know Rio-that is unbelievable.) After the sun came out I came up to pack a bit and blog and they are both laying on the bed together.

While sitting with the dogs (and afraid to move)I watched "In Plain Sight" a USA show about witness relocation. The series is really pretty good-there were 3 episodes.

The water from all the storms is almost up to my patio door!

Well back to the salt mines....

Saturday, May 23, 2009

getting ready

I am finishing up a few last minute sewing projects and then closing up shop! I have cleaned a room a day (sometimes two) and I have been washing blankets etc. Clothes tomorrow and then I will start to pack. I have been piling a few things on the spare bed but I don't want to pull out the suitcase until the last minute as Angel goes nuts! She will be underfoot from then on. Plus she won't eat either. Last time I packed she slept in the suitcase for two days!
I am leaving the fridge until Tuesday. (That is a job I hate.)

Today Jess's Baby Shower, can't wait. And the Lord is giving her a shower it is raining like crazy here! We will all be getting a shower.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Last minute details

It is getting down to the wire for our trip home. With Rylee and all the things we need to bring along, plus the dog, both Shannon and I are making lists. And making lists reminds me of our trips to Cedar Crest! Lists and more Heather I've been thinking of you lately!

Trying to figure out what the Airline will and won't let us bring is driving us a bit crazy. We've even had friends who work for North West Air looking into the regulations and still there is no exact answers. (I am hoping they are not going to through a small baby off the flight for car seat conflicts. Or at least I hope not.)

On a different note this afternoon while sewing I watched Staying Alive...what a blast from the past! The hair, the outfits, & the music. John Travolta was such a heart throb. It's 1980's week I guess, so check your "search feature" for movie favorites just in case. Other than that not much excitement here, just busy.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

six words-Tag

I read a Woman's Day or some such women's magazine waiting for a hair cut the other day. One interesting thing in there was a contest for Valentines Day, it said to describe your relationship in six words that sound like one thought. Some were very heartfelt, some were funny, some were honest, some not so much. One I remember is--MUCH MARRIED, FORTH TIME'S A CHARM!

So just for the heck of it, I thought it would be fun to try it on the blog.
If you want to play along here are my rules:
In six words that make one phrase or thought describe:
1. your relationship
2. your partner
3. yourself
4. your life
5. your past jobs
6. your dreams

Here are mine...
1. My Relationship—----Long distance causes the lonely blues.
2. My Partner—----Hard working father does great job.
3. Myself—----Happy fun, silver-lining kind of gal.
4. My life—----Everyday’s blessing is being with family.
5. My past jobs—----Cosmetologist insurance agent babysitter gets lazy.
6. My dreams—----Completely fulfilled with daughter and granddaughter.

You have been tagged! It's harder than you think try it!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

not in the mood

To post that is.

But one tid-bit...This morning, about 9:00 on Pine Island near Sunrise there was a big fat racoon sitting in the grassy median. He was just sitting and looking around. I was surprised to say the least. I assumed he was going out for coffee and a bagel.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Me and Rachael Ray thinking up new words...Flor-id-iots...I love it-fits perfect. Does it fit me? I don't think I really live here even though technically I am here more, nope I am considering myself now and forever a Minnesotan.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

idiots and then some

Crystal's comment to my-seen it all post- (I'm para-phrasing) She said, in Florida you will never have seen it all as some Floridians are idiots due to the fact their brains are fried from all the sun. How right you were!

Because yesterday I went to the UPS store on Hiatus and Oakland. It is really tricky to back out of a parking spot there because of the in and out road being so close. Very slowly I start to back up and a car speeds in, so I pull back into my spot. This happened twice. Then I tried again and this time the incoming car was driven by a speeding COP. He motions me to pull back in and let him speed by. Which I do, thinking that he is after the speeding car ahead of him, or some other high priority crime. I finally back up and see the Cop crossing the lot into the Dunkin Donuts store. Where I assume the only emergency was his five o'clock donut break!!!

I guess I haven't seen it all...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Now I have seen it all

Now I have seen it all folks. You know how Saturday was the day to leave food at the mail boxes so your mail carrier could pick it up for the food shelf--well like many other people I had my bag filled and as I was leaving Sat. morning I drove to the mail boxes. There were no other bags so I tied my bag shut and I left it on top of our mail box clusters.

As I drove into our circle I noticed a new silver SUV parked by the mail boxes with no person inside. As I drove out of the circle, I thought I saw a head pop up. Because I have a devious and suspicious mind I thought right away...would people hide knowing that food would be dropped off and then get out and steal it. I turned around at our entrance drove back and low and grocery bag. I didn't know what to do. I worried that if I confronted the person they might wig-out. So I drove off. I hope that this person needed the food but if they were looking to steal food they shouldn't have used a brand new SUV for their get away car! I can only hope they actually needed the food. (And stole the car.)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

To my daughter, Shannon, on her 1st Mother’s Day

Since you were a little girl, I dreamed,
Of a day when you were grown;
A day that you would have,
A daughter of your own.

That you might know the joy
Of a baby who looks up at you,
With undying trust & adoration;
There is no greater feeling.

Enjoy the small moments, don’t fret or be too busy.
Trust yourself, a Mother always knows best.
And we come from a long line of wonderful Mother’s.
Remember, if you do need me to lean on, I will never be far.

And for all the happiness there will be tears.
But through it all, you will love and nurture,
Spoil and fuss over, listen to, be best friends with,
And guide Rylee with a soft heart and steady hand.

Then one day, you will have a dream
That when she is grown,
She will have a daughter of her very own…

Here’s to a wonderful Mother on her first of many Mother’s Days. I am so proud of the woman and the Mother you have become. I love you!

Love, from your Mother and my Mother, who I’m sure is watching and smiling from above and of course sending her wisdom and her love.
Happy Mother's Day to you too Mom, I love you and miss you everyday!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Tear jerker

Well Hallmark did it again...made me cry that is. I watched a cheesy Hallmark movie called, A strangers Heart. What a tear jerker. I balled through the whole second half of the movie.
Synopsis: Two patients waiting for heart transplants rub each other the wrong way. Woman gets heart, a few days later man gets heart. Suddenly they find themselves drawn to each other and to a little girl, who parents both died in a car crash and guess who has their hearts?

If it's ever on again and you feel like clearing out your tear ducts it was good. I won't spoil the ending but it would be a perfect curl up on a Sunday in your pj's movie.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Things I have done the last couple days:

I have been kicking butt on the sewing projects. My sewing room looks like a bomb went off in there. I guess I just can't sew neat. I should post a picture of that.

Laundry-why do I always forget it in the washer? Then it kind of drys in there and smells bad so I wash again. (Then the wrinkles won't come out.) The usually I forget it in the dryer. Guess I could never work in an Chinese Laundry.

Not sleeping well. That is a long story so I'll spare you.

Visited my Kitty. She is loving her new life. I still miss walking out the door and having her run up to meet me though. But happy for her. I am making kitty pillows-for cats to sleep on. A friend I met while trying to find my kitty a home, rescues so many cats (she has 27 right now, 16 waiting for homes) she saw the one I made for Patches and loved it so I said I'd make her a bunch and she could give one out with every cat. So in between other projects I am doing the pillows. I will post pics of them later. I am using up all the scraps I have been saving for years. It's a win win.

I watched an old TV movie called 8 seconds. It was the true story of Lane Frost a world champion bull rider. Luke Perry did a fantastic job playing him. The sad part was he died very young, by a bull accident of course. If you get a chance to catch it on TV it is worth the watch.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The follow through on Crazy Eights

Jess tagged me for the crazy eights post and I haven't had time but Rylee is sleeping so long I thought-start...

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1. Going home to Minnesota-seeing my hubby, family and friends
2. Shannon's first Mother's Day
3. Rylee's first B-day & Christmas
4. Finishing my list of Baby quilts to sew (What's in the water anyway?)
5. Garage saleing in MN
6. Going to the class of 1967's 60th Birthday Party.
7. Our annual 4th of July party
8. Getting together with the Birthday girls!

8 things I did yesterday:
1. finished cleaning the house
2. laundry
3. sewing (more quilts)
4. Checked out E harmony with V
5. Watched a Lifetime movie
6. Drank a whole bottle of wine (minus one glass)
7. Talked on the phone.
8. Went to bed early.

8 things I wish I could do or want to do:
1. Live long enough to see Rylee married and happy.
2. Visit Ireland (Is there anyway to get there without crossing the ocean? ha)
3. Shop at the outlet mall in FT Meyers
4. Win the lotto!
5. Color my hair.
6. Go to book club.
7. Meet The Rock! (yummy)
8. Go to FT. Lauderdale's best burger joint.

8 shows I watch:
1. Desperate Housewives
2. Brother's and Sister's
3. 90210
4. Gossip Girl
5. Prison Break
6. Dog Whisper
7. Grey's Anatomy
8. Lost (Although I'm usually lost.)

8 people to tag-I'm going with 4
1. Carol
2. Jenny
3. Darlene
4. Stacy

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Coffee Time Rebuttal

In my defense my coffee-time is my morning me time. It reminds me of a simpler time at home with John when we had morning coffee together everyday. All our married life it was our catch up, visiting, and news of the day time. It is my favorite time of day and no matter how early I have to get up to have it-it is what makes my day a good one. Even though it's not as good with out my hubby to talk to.
(And yes Ryan it gets my system moving.) But more than that it kicks in my Pollyanna personality. But next fall when I re-visit the every day thing...I'll give Erin's don't shower, don't fix up idea, a shot...maybe I will have a hair and make-up bag packed and do it later in the morning. Of course there are two down sides:
One, I'll scare Jon even more than usual-but he will have to deal.
And two, if I get stopped by a cop there is no way I'll talk him out of a ticket and my streak will be broken. (Unless, I try the-I had to throw on clothes and run to my daughters for an you think I'd leave the house like this on purpose? Can you give me an escort..?) Florida cops don't seem to be very compassionate but it's worth a shot.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Day Care Grannie

Today is the last day of my two week day-care. On one hand I'm sorry to have my one on one with Rylee come to an end for now. Rylee and I have had a ball! But I have discovered some things about myself. That I only enjoy getting up early when I don't have to! This getting up at 4:45 AM is the pits. I feel bad for you working stiffs, I am giving you some real pity from now on. It didn't help that this was birthday week...all that staying up late. (9:00)

And If I'm being honest, it is exhausting. Rylee has really started crawling around these last two days. It is not as fun as when she sat in one spot playing. I am earning my stripes now. This morning it's been crawl to the TV, I move her, crawl to the TV, I move her. Thank goodness for mealtime...she is in the high chair and can't move. And for naps. I love nap time, I even take one sometimes too. (Which is why I get nothing else done, like cleaning.)

All in all I wouldn't trade a minute of it. However, I might spread it out to three times a week. After all I am 60! Day Care Grannie over and out!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thank you

Thanks to all of you who helped celebrate my brithday. Thanks to my friends in FL who joined me for dinner, drinks and fun! Thanks for the lovely cards and gifts. Thank you Shannon for putting together my birthday book, which brought back so many great memories.

For those of you who don't know, Shannon put together thoughts and stories from my friends and family back home and across the country, complete with photos from my youth, for my 60th is a treasure! And sorry, way too big to publish. But I wanted to say thank you to all of them, so here goes.

How do I go about telling you, my dear friends and family, what it was like to read my special 60th Birthday Book…Other than to say that you all made me CRY on my birthday! Well, ball like a baby would be more accurate. Most of the time I couldn’t see to read it.

I was wondering if you guys ever tried spinning straw into gold? If not you should, because spinning my bossy, sassy, over-exuberant, uncensored advice-giving attitude into such beautiful thoughts took some real spinning talent! And in this economy gold could come in handy. I won’t be needing any, however, because I am rich!

Rich in friends, I couldn’t ask for any better. You are always there for me in times of need. (And we all know I’ve had some times of need.) But through it all you have propped me up and believed in me. You have cried with me and made me laugh when I thought I might never laugh again. Others shared bottles and bottles of wine when forgetting was the only thing that worked. Over the years some of you shared your children and grandchildren when I needed that so much. With you in my life I am truly blessed. You have touched my heart and changed me for the better in ways you don’t even know. I don’t deserve you—but I thank God for you everyday!

Rich in family, why I have the greatest family in the entire world! I was blessed with the best parents a girl could ever have. They taught me to be independent, kind hearted & strong-willed. (They didn’t have to work too hard on the strong-willed part.) I was lucky enough to grow up in paradise. The resort was and will always be, better than Disneyland to me. I wouldn’t have changed a thing in my childhood. Even with three brothers teasing and torturing me daily. (Or was that me teasing and torturing them? Umm) But whatever, again I was blessed. I always used to want to trade one for a sister but now I never would. It’s nice having brothers to look after you. And I got my sisters after all, in my sister-in-laws on both sides. You all became dear sisters to me. As for my husband, well I don’t have to tell any of you I hit the jack-pot there! There is not another man on this or any other planet that would have put up with me for all these years! Not another one who would sacrifice for our family like he does everyday! Which brings me to my beautiful Shannon…it would take a lifetime to write about the joy you have brought me. So suffice to say, you are my best friend, my life. You make me want to be a better person. You inspire me. I am the luckiest mother on earth. And to bring it full circle you have given me Rylee. Every time I hold her in my arms and kiss her I thank the Lord and say what did I ever do to deserve this little bundle of joy? Every time she makes one of her silly faces or gets so mad she shakes, I say, Oh world, lookout here comes Rylee...I hope you are ready!

To all my family, extended family, in-laws (son in-law included-he is the best) and dear friends, I don’t know what I would do without all of you…but I never want to find out! I know that when I need you I just have to call. I think you know that goes both ways.

I used to complain about my birthdays and getting older. But Mom told me once, “be happy when you have a birthday—it means you’re above ground-the alternative is pushing up daises!” Good advice. And today it means even more than that to me. It means that I have had a lot of experiences these past 60 years that have led me here to a loving family & so many wonderful friends that feel like my family. I am truly the richest person on earth!!!

I love you all…Connie

(Hey Mom, I’m looking forward to 61…bring it on!)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Patches lives in the Tajmahal

Okay I know I can't spell Tajmahal but you should see how happy Patches looked last night. I went in to visit her. Her house is better than most of ours! She was in the guest bedroom-just until the dogs get used to ignoring her-She has a couch that turns into a hide-a-bed (in case she invites any friends over)she has her own computer (I wonder if she will blog?) she has a great soft quilted pillow with her name on it, I made for her, she has a new mommy that cuddles and pets her, she has a window sill that she lies on to look out on the street to remind her how much better her life is now!

She was happy to see me (I'm like her birth mommy after all.) I brought her favorite treats and food with me and she was happy to get what she likes to eat. She had already used the kitty litter-I think she is going to be a good girl. She looked so clean and fresh after her bath. Her fur was so soft. (I will try to get a photo later for an update.)

For living outside for months, she didn't have any illnesses, parasites or fleas. Go figure. I felt sad and will miss her sitting outside my door waiting for her food and running to meet me every time I walk outside but when I left I felt really good about leaving her there in her new forever home! Bye Bye Patches-be happy-I love you!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Added Photos

Mom wanted me to add some photos of Patches (the finally adopted kitty!) to her post below. Please scroll down to view. :)

Oh, and you'll be happy to know that all her tests came back negative. She is one healthy (and hopefully soon to be happy and loved) kitty!

Greatest Birthday Ever

My 60th is turning out to be the best birthday yet. Here's why.

First, I am spending it with my Granddaughter! Something that never happened in my fifties. That is the most special gift to come along since I was 27.

Second, My next door neighbor adopted my kitty! After the bad neighbors who never followed through finally were out of the picture I put project-get the cat adopted- into full force. And low and behold my next door neighbor Darlene, who has two small dogs and is really nice, decided the kitty was so sweet she would take her herself! This morning she took her to the vet where she is getting tested for all the bad stuff,(keep a prayer for her today) getting booster shots for the good, finishing with a flea bath and with any luck at all will spend her first night in a house tonight! (Keep a prayer she is a good little kitty and the dogs like her.) I couldn't have gotten a better gift. I know it came from above...thanks!

Here's Patches!

Third, I spent Saturday all day with Shannon and Venessa, we drove to West Palm, shopped furniture, people watched (this was the good part...future posts) and had dinner at Havana Hideout a DIVE featured on Food Networks Dinner's, drive-ins and dives. It was the coolest and divest spot you could imagine. (future posts on the bathrooms) What an experience the whole day was! Thanks girls!

Fourth, It's not over yet. Tuesday is dinner with gal-pals at Japan Inn. (If any girls want to join us...consider yourself invited.) And later in the week more food frenzy as Venessa knows this great burger joint. Another Dive.

This is turning out to be worth turning 60! So happy 60th birthday to me!

PS One comment today from my darling son-in-law who just had to mention that I was closer to 100 than to 0...made me feel so good....grrr. But he did have the cutest grin on his face at the time so I won't hold it against him. And after all, it's true.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Parking lot etiquette

The other day at Publix I was turning down an aisle and of course some people were parked in the middle of the lane waiting for a number 2 slot parking spot, while the person was unloading a huge cart and had three kids to get in the car. A guy a head of me honked at her to move there were three spots open further down in the 8.9.10 spots. When she didn't move he drove around her. I thought she would get the hint...but no, so I drove around her too. After I got around her a car backed out from a #7 slot stopping me, so when that person drove out I parked there. As I walked by her she got out of her car and started yelling at me..."Why did I take that open spot, I knew she was there?"
I answered, "Lady, you were waiting for the first spot."
"No, I was waiting for any spot."
I said, "Baloney. If you were why not take one of the three spots that were open?"
She accosted me one more time in the store and started all over again...but the other guy that drove around her walked by and said, "Hey lady, stop your bitchen! And stop parking in the lane waiting for spots to open...People like you are what pisses every one off!"
I just smiled and walked away. I did enjoy the open mouth look of shock on her face though!
Use parking lot etiquette or suffer the consequences.

Monday, April 20, 2009

time for intervention

Okay I am back to worring about the cat! Although my neighbors said they were taking her to the Vet and moving her to their office...they haven't done a thing. I only have five weeks I am going to talk to them tonight or tomorrow if I can catch them...and give them an's now or never folks they need to Shit or get off the pot! Either they get the cat the love and health care she needs or I take over and get her to the friend who is taking her in until she finds a home for her...she could have had a forever home by now! She is the sweetest most loving cat you have ever seen. Also she is a long haired calico which I understand is rare.

I wish I wasn't alergic I would be keeping her myself. She seems to love all other animals, dog's & even birds.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

mutiny and mahem

Tonight we over-through our homeowners association board completely! Five for five. Putting it bluntly, we kicked their ass to the curb!

But it was completely uneventful. We marched in prepared for battle, but when we threw down our proxy sheets and they saw we had a quorum on our side...they backed down like little girls with pee pee pants. Damn it-took all the fun out of it. We called for nominations and tossed out five names. They didn't even put their names in the ring as they could see the writing on the wall.

Sadly, I was disappointed. I wanted to do battle. (I know, I'm an awful person.) Our board has been horrible and unreasonable. They wouldn't ever listen to anyone. One woman, Pamela, what a witch, I wanted her to speak up, but not a darn word. However, if looks could kill...we'd all be dead.

It was a very good feeling though and we were all very happy. We whistled a happy tune as we walked home.

At our meeting last Dec. when they wouldn't listen to about 25 of us all complaining about a contract they were about to sign with an alarm company we didn't want...and they said too bad, we don't have to listen because we make the decisions...all I have to say to them now is "Bye Bye!"

Gad that feels great!


Nothing remotely interesting happening in my life! I think I need to go out and tie a good one least I will have something to blog about.

Our home association meeting is tonight and we are over-throwing the entire board that is in place now...and we have the votes to do it...this should be interesting! If all hell breaks loose tomorrow's blog might be worth reading.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

got me thinking

Jess posted she found a dryer sheet stuck in her clothes while running and wondered if it happened to anyone else, this got me thinking...

I don't run...hell I can hardly walk...but I can relate to the dryer sheet dilemma. I find them stuck everywhere. I consider myself lucky if I find them before the dog-who loves to chew/shred them!

FYI They are handy to use in a lot of places other than are a few ways I use them:
Stick them in stinky shoes.
Place them across your air ducts to filter the dust and make the place smell great.
Stuff them inside your pillow cases, under sheets for that just so fresh smell at night.
Put one in your luggage when you put it away after a trip.
Put one in each closet and drawer.
Put one in the dirty clothes hamper.
Stuff one behind the pillows of your couch.

These are just a few places I use them...does anyone else do this??? If not, try it.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Finally posting a quick note. I will bring you up to speed.

I have been busy with family and havn't had time to go online. We have been having a ball though. They left this morning so I guess my routine will go back to normal-darn.

The neighbors have decided to adopt the stray kitty I have been feeding and worrying over. They are taking her to the vet this week and then she is going to be their office cat. I hope she will get the love she deserves. I will miss her, she and I have grown quite attached to one another.

Hope you had a great day....Happy Easter.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Across the pond

Yesterday I drove across the pond (aligator alley) to have lunch, shopping and dinner with my cousin and her friend. We had an amazing time. The best part was sitting -visiting- by her pool. It was windy and cold but still a great time.

One of the stores we went to had the coolest T-shirts, they were "old timers" with John Wayne's picture and a saying. They were cooler than they sound...I swear...I almost bought one.

We hit the best of everything jewelery store...I did go nuts there, mostly gifts, some even for me. I went into a Coldwater Creek store and splurged on a shirt and capris for myself, shouldn't have but oh well.

Day fun!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Crazy Family

My brother, sister-in-law and their kids came to visit. So as my cousin, who is more like my sister, was in Naples visiting her best friend I invited them to brunch. We made it Easter actually and gave the kids baskets etc. at the same time. In my small place with everyone trying to help, visit, play with Rylee and eat it was quite the circus. There were several conversations going at once, arguing politics, disagreeing about school systems, planning the rest of the day and Shannon said, "this is what I miss. This feels like the old days at Grandma and Grandpa's! It's so good to be around our big, noisy, loud, fun, crazy family! I agree!

(Later in the day it got completely "bizarro"...I am hoping Shannon will blog about that fiasco it makes me tired just thinking about it...but if not I will later. Suffice to say it was a cluster f...!)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Twilight part two

Managed to find time to watch Twilight two more times today and re-read the entire Twilight book...I have way to much free time on my hands these days! (Also, I don't sleep.) I really did enjoy it though! Hope I don't wear out the movie before I give it back to Shannon, might have to buy her new copy.

In regards to those who can't watch a movie repeatedly...that has never been my problem. If I love it there is no end to how many times I see it.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

twilight twilight twilight

I watched Twilight three times in a row tonight! I know, I am pathetic. In my defence I did run errands this morning. Fed the stray cat twice. (Also fed my dog twice.) Did laundry and made beds. Cleaned the bathrooms. Took down tables in the sewing room and turned it into a spare bedroom as my brother, his wife and their two kids are coming to visit this Sat. for a week. As I got a lot out of my day-I "Twilighted" my night away. I am so in the mood to read the book again.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


When your life is boring you don't have much to blog about...and my life is boring! I made good on the Veg comment though...
I have watched a lot of Lifetime movies these past two days. In fact I am still in my PJ'S this morning. Might clean, might sew, might make a pot of homemade soup, might do nothing...we'll see. If I got anymore relaxed I'd melt.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

looking to Veg

I have had a busy couple of weeks. My friend was here and you know I was sewing. The day she left I dropped her at the airport at 6:00 am and then came to take care of Rylee. Then repeat that for three days. The rest of the time I just SLEPT! I can't seem to catch up. Maybe this weekend I will just veg.

My days with Rylee are wonderful...she is such a joy these days. She is growing up way too fast. Shannon just mentioned the other day she wanted her to stay like this for several months as she didn't want the baby stage to go away. I know what she means...but on the other hand all the stages are fun.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

good news

Just now I looked outside and there is Miss Kitty-as I have named her-laying in the driveway across the street were the little boys live, waiting for them to come home. Each morning now they leave fresh water out and at night they give her food and water. And the best part is...they pet her. I guess she is waiting for her family to come home and feed her. It isn't perfect, they can't have her inside because of the dog, but at least they care and to me that is good news!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Here is what I have been (slaving on) enjoying, instead of blogging! These jeans were all used-some used more than others-by my friend Jan, her husband and family. Then we turned them into quilts for her grandsons. Which is meant to be more of a warm hug from their family! It was hard work getting them done in this sort time span but it was a labor of love.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kitty cat love

Well as you know I have been feeling so sad for lost kitty...yesterday the lady across the street from me fed it. She put out a lot of food and the little thing ate it all. Then sometime last night she must have puked it all up on my driveway. (I cleaned up the mess today.) But the best thing happened while we were sewing later this morning.

The kids across the street were walking their dog...who didn't like the cat at all! So they put the dog back in the house and brought out treats for the cat. They were running and tossing treats, a bit scared of the cat I think. But the cat didn't look twice at the food she just ran after the kids meowing. I could tell she just wanted some petting. It was breaking my heart. Then their dad came out, I have always thought of him...well as an ass... but low and behold he has a new place in my heart now, because he bent down and petted that little stray cat. I never saw an animal so happy. She rubbed her head all over him and walked in and out of his legs rubbing against him. He called his boys over and they started petting it too. I balled like a baby for fifteen minutes. Jan must have thought I lost my mind. But all I could think of was all the cat wanted was some human inter-action and love. When they went in the house the cat layed right down under their car, hoping she had found a family. But I don't think so. Their dog is big and mean.

I called the city again and asked if the cat would get a chance to get placed or just put down if I trapped it...they said, the later. So now I guess maybe it is just better to leave her on her own. I wish I knew someone who wanted a cat. I bet if she had a flea bath and vet check she would make a wonderful loving family pet. She is such a pretty little calico. If you know of anyone looking to adopt a cat please let me know. If they would come over I bet they would like her. Please ask around, this cat needs love.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Long Day

We quit sewing about 10:00 pm so it was quite the day. But we were pleased with how much we got done. Tomorrow if we go from sun-up to late we might have the two tops done! Then maybe two more full days if we are lucky. We only have until Monday night to finish so we are motivated. I will post pics when we are done. I drank coffee after 5:00 pm so I am still awake but I wish I could sleep as the alarm is set for 6:00 am...we will see.

The rain today was welcomed. The poor grass was looking brown this should help.

Busy Bees

Catching up: A friend from home has come to visit. So I have been super busy and tired. Last night we went to be at 8:15! Talk about old. I spent last weekend getting ready. Then Monday and Tuesday we baby-sat for Rylee while Shannon was subbing. This week Rylee has TWO Grandma's and she is enjoying it!

Us Minnesota Gals have been having fun so far. And now we start a big project...Jan has two Grandchildren, boys, and we are making a jean quilt for each of their beds! She has been saving jeans and shipped them before she came. It is going to be a lot of work but fun. I am up early and getting ready to shower because we need to get an early start.

Cat update: my neighbor and I have been calling around and checking all the pet finder web sites to see if the cat is lost. She had one last lead but if it doesn't pan out Jan and I are going to trap it and get it to the shelter. (Maybe today.) Wish us luck!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Will beer conquer fear?

What am I to do.
Now the scruffy cat has taken to living near my place. Every time I drive in or out of the yard or open the car door or house door it comes running. I don't think it is a Ferrell, I think it is an abandoned cat. It seems to like people! In fact it tries to come in to the house or car! I am afraid to open my garage door as I'm sure it will run in. While unloading groceries it wanted to jump in my car. Then it tried to come in.
The animal control people said if I can get it into a crate or box they will pick it up the same day. I have a dog kennel I don't use, if it was baited with food I bet it would run in!

Anybody want to help catch it???? I am allergic and a bit nervous...I will supply the beer!
I feel sorry for the poor thing. They did say it would go to the shelter.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

House Arrest

Angel is home and feeling fine. Her teeth sparkle like Whitney Houston's! The only down side (apart from the money thing of course, cha-ching) is that they partially shaved her front paw and now she licks it non-stop. She is laying on the bed and giving me the, come to bed because you are keeping me awake look, so I will keep this short.

A ferrell cat update: My neighbor says her dogs got fleas from the cats. Now she is in panic mode. She took the dogs to get the flea baths. She got the flea powder for the carpeted area. Sprayed. Cleaned. But she has two kids that crawl all over the floors. She is freaking out. I know how she feels I have been there. Wash everything in your house that is washable (and that is a lot of shit) then clean & spray everything else! Then they come right it all again. It hasn't happened to me in a long long time but the fear lives! Angel takes Sentinel so that the fleas can't reproduce. But in the old days before Sentinel...nightmare. Either way Angel is on house arrest...I can't go through that again.

(I still feel bad for the sad/hungry cats!)

Teeth cleaning

I am trying to pass some time this morning without going downstairs as I can't feed Angel or let her drink. She is going to the Vet for a teeth cleaning. She will not be happy with me later today I'll bet! I will let you know how she does.
As long as she will be under sedation I thought this might be a good time to get her chipped? I am going to look into it.

I am looking forward to a friend's visit this next week. She is coming for about ten days. During that time we are going to make jean quilts for her two grandson's. That should be fun. After she leaves my brother and his family are seems all my visits are in the Spring this year.

Well I'm off....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


A couple days ago I watched a documentary on Polygamy. Which is ironic as our book club is now reading a true story about a woman who was raised in a radical polygamist cult and escaped. Both the movie and the book are riveting.

What is weird as I watched and now read, is that most Mormon's do not believe in polygamy! My niece and her husband are Mormon and them and their whole church are the nicest most helpful sweet people you would ever meet! So don't judge all Mormon's by the radical few we hear so much about. That is not what these wonderful people are about.

If you do get a chance the book is Escape by Carolyn Jessop.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Smart

Have you seen the Car Max commercial: where the guy sticks his tongue on the flag pole & it sticks there? (The commercial then says, "not smart--buying a car at Car Max-smart"--but I regress.)

Well anyway...back to my point. The not smart part...tongue and flagpole. I have been dumber than that! In grade school, some older kid told me to lick the door knob of the school. I didn't really think it was a good idea but after some pure-pressure, I did it. It stuck tight and I couldn't get it off. The principle had to come out and pour warm water on it so it would let go! It was horrible. It pulled all the taste buds off my tongue. I remember it was even kind of bloody and yet I never even got to go home for the day. I just got in trouble with the principal. I didn't get any sympathy, no nurses office, nothing. Kids were tough in the old days!

When I got home and told my mom about the incident. She asked why I did it. I told her so & so told me too. She didn't have any sympathy either, she said something to the effect of, "well now you know to think about the consequences before you blindly do what people tell you too! It was a good lesson for you to learn." (I think I did get ice cream after that at least.)

I must have learned my lesson because that may have been the last time I did anything I didn't want to do. It was not, however, the last time I did anything stupid. But at least after that all the dumb ideas were my own!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

To end Shannon's fabulous birthday week, she and I drove to Bonita Springs to meet up with two of my classmates from High School. (Thank you Jon for doing the daddy day-care !) We got there early and went to the retirement park where one of my friends lives. It was Shannon's first time at the park (her dad and I love it) and she fell in love with it in two minutes! She wants to move in now, why wait for retirement. She summed it up as, being on vacation everyday.

We went thrift store shopping and Shannon found a few treasures. We met up with gal-pal #2 (who was down on vacation) and had lunch, shopped around and ended our day at-The Best of Everything! A jewelry and more, store. (all kinds of jewelry-$6-12.00-, sunglasses @ $5.00- purses and carry all bags $10-15 and much more!)

Shannon thinks Best of Everything should franchise all over the U.S. as there was no sign of a recession there! Driving in, the lot was packed and husbands were sitting on the outside deck while their wives dipped into their retirement cash! Once inside you need a traffic cop to hand out trays and move lines. Plan for extra time in the check out lane. Although they make it pretty painless by pre-packaging and having four or five checkouts. Whether you are shopping for yourself or buying gifts, the prices are so good and the quality so great, if you haven't checked this place out it is worth the drive to Naples or Bonita Springs. (I purchased Shannon a few esential B-day gifts, the other girls made purchases too. It's hard to leave with out spending.) One thing I will add the staff is NOT friendly or helpful. In fact most of them are darn right rude! So expect to look around to find what you want.

We headed back to the park and sat by the pool, had a snack, added a man to our crew (a hungry husband) and went for a seafood dinner. We sat outside and visted for several more hours. From old stories to new ones, it was a ball. When we got home I said to Shannon, "Okay, does this end birthday week?" And she agreed her birthday was finally over. So until next year...Happy Birthday, so happy I could spend it with you.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lost Lonely Kitty

Our complex has several feral cats that live here. They hang out on the other end so I don't usually don't see them. But several neighbors complain that one lady feeds them and they want her to stop! People are afraid for their kids and pets. They say the cats carry diseases. They have tried calling animal control but they said they are too busy and the shelters too full for them to do anything. Well, last night about 5:00 came up to the back patio door-looking around for bugs-I suppose. It was so thin and scruffy and seemed lonely. I felt so sad I couldn't stand it. I almost gave in and fed it even though they've asked us not too. This is cruel. How can animals be treated so badly? Poor cats must think no body cares. What should I do?

Unrelated issue: I have a very drippy shower! I am losing lots of water as the drip is steady. I called my plumber at home and he said it's the gasket on the on-off thingy. (Thingy was not his word.) Now I have the delemma of finding a plumber. As luck would have it I am babysitting Mon. Tue. Wed. next week so I guess the dripping will continue...

Thursday, March 5, 2009


The other night was I was driving home after a dinner out so it was around 9:00, there was a guy sitting on the curb by my place waiting for the bus. He had the hood up on his sweatshirt but right as I passed him I saw he was wearing a "Jason" mask, those creepy white and black things...scared the B-jesus out of me!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy 33rd Birthday Shannon

Happy Birthday to my baby! It is hard to believe that 33 years have gone by. It seems like yesterday to me. From the first day we brought you home--

you have made us proud. You are my best friend and the person I admire most in the world. My greatest wish has always been that you would know the same joy as we have all these years and now that you have your own baby girl you will. I hope that you and Rylee can have as much fun in the next 33 years as we have had in the last 33!

We have been truly blessed!

Have a wonderful birthday....Love you, Mom

Monday, March 2, 2009


When will I ever learn??? How many times can I get sucked in by reality TV? The Bachelor completely had me thinking I would see some shocking ending, I don't know what I expected but the back and forth back and forth-I love you, no I don't, I love her-wasn't it. I guess it proves that you can't find real love when your relationship unfolds on national TV.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Satisfying Saturday

Today was interesting. I got up early and drank a lot of coffee. Then I got the garbage out just in time for collection. I worked on a quilt and it turned out cute, except for the binding...which I cut too narrow. I haven't done that in a long time...don't know where my head was...but it wasn't in Florida. I had to make a JoAnn's run at 8:00PM for more material, which thankfully they had, so no harm done.

I had Rylee for a few hours while Jon, Shannon, Laurie (Jon's sister) and Maddie (her daughter) went to the ocean to mingle with Spring Breakers! Big mistake-huge. But at least Miss Rylee and I had fun! Although I got her an hour off her schedule (God forbid) and got a rep-remand from Shannon for it! Oh well, at least I didn't give her snus or whiskey!

Something funny: When Rylee was sleeping Angel layed by her door. Every sound Rylee made she ran in to tell me to check on her! Who needs a baby monitor with Angel around? Maybe I should pimp her out as a baby alert!

Tonight Angel and I watched an Jennifer Garner movie, Rose Hill...anyone seen it? I liked it. Then I watched a Underdog to Wonderdog on Animal Planet. I balled my eyes our for and hour even though I knew it would end well. I am such a sucker for sad stories!'s Iron Chef and good night!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Alaska or Bust

A joke from the 1970’s-when $50.00 was still a lot of money-that became a legend in our household: (This is for you, Mom.)

One day a man came home from work only to find his wife in the bedroom. There were open suitcases on the bed and she was packing.
“Where are you going?” he asked.
“I am going to Alaska. I hear Ladies of the Evening are getting $50.00 a screw up there! And don’t try to talk me out of it.” She walked into the bathroom to pack her toiletries. When she came out she saw her husband packing a suitcase as well.
“Now where in the world are you going?” she demanded.
“I thought I’d go along, I’d like to see how you are going to live on $50 bucks a month!”

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here's why cheers to the fish?

As Carol asked about Shannon's blog...why cheers to the is why:

Cheer's to the fish-comes from the fact that in the old days when fishing was the main livelyhood in the villages in Sweden. The story goes, when the men went out to fish, the families would gather and wish the fisherman good luck on their catch by raising a glass of cheer.
Hence the skol pu fiskan...Grandma always said it with an n-sound on the end. Over the years she said the toast had come to mean just good luck.
But whatever it started out as it is the only toast our family needs!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Snus, Whiskey & Me

When I was about 4-5 my mom had a meeting and dropped me off at my grandpa Larson's for a couple of hours. He wasn't used to taking care of little kids so mom gave him a long lecture about watching me and what not to let me in the yard alone (too close to the highway); go down the basement (stairs too steep) etc. It appears, looking back, that she forgot to mention a few things.

After she left we had fun in the garden, feeding the chipmunks and picking crab apples. I decided I should eat one so Grandpa was peeling it. I took the paring knife when his back was turned to help. Of course I cut myself, it was bleeding which meant I needed a band aid. He didn't have one. So he ripped a piece of cloth and wrapped it round and round my finger and tied it around my wrist. Wow, now it looked like a bad injury!

Later we were having coffee. I was slurping mostly cream and sugar from a saucer. He liked to chase his coffee with a jigger or two of whiskey. He also like to chew snuff snus as it was called back in Sweden. The can was sitting open by his chair. I asked for a pinch. You won't like it, he told me. But as I always have to learn things the hard way, I kept begging, until he gave me the tiniest bit. Ugh! Horrible, instead of spitting it out, I swallowed it...then needed something quick to drink...yep I grapped the whiskey and downed it! Ugh Horrible! Not much was left in the jigger, but it was awful just the same. Still, I thought the adventure was fun. (Apparently, I liked a devilish adventure even back then.)

Grandpa told me it should be our little secret...the snus and the whiskey. "Oh sure" I promptly said, "I won't tell."
Apparently, Grandpa's don't know that little girls can't keep secrets!

The moment my mom appeared at the door I went running up with my bandaged hand in the air, "I had fun. I cut off my finger, chewed snus and drank whiskey! Can I come back tomorrow?"

Needless to say my mother wasn't as happy with the days events as I was, I think grandpa was in trouble! But I never forgot the fun!

The moral of the story is...When Rylee gets a little older-beware-Grandparents don't always do what they are told!