Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day

Tomorrow is "going into Labor, Day"
And as one of my mother's favorite poem says the day of the week does matter--here they are just as a reminder, Shannon.

Born on Monday, fair of face,
Born on Tuesday, full of grace,
Born on Wednesday, the best to be had,
Born on Thursday, merry and glad,
Born on Friday, worthily given,
Born on Saturday, work hard for a living,
Born on Sunday, shall never know want.

Just stay away from Saturday and you will be alright! Saturday is the day my John was born and he has slaved all his life. Shannon and I were born on Wednesday and well...need I say more!

To figure out what day you were born to see if it fits--google what day of the week was I born and you can put in your birthdate. Then let me know what day you were born on!!!

Florida walkabout

Last couple of days:

Friday, Shannon and I went on a mall "walkabout" as she had the doctors okay to-bring baby down! We didn't buy much but walk we did.

There were some old John Wayne movies on Sat. so I set up DVR then later sat down to watch Rio Bravo--one of my favorites only to find out they had it listed wrong and Bandalero played in it's place-a very-B/C-movie (no John Wayne at all) with Dean Martin, Jimmy Stewart and Rachael Welsh...disappointing! Couldn't even watch it it was so bad. I remembered it from the old days anyway.

Shannon and I went to Jo Ann Fabric's and another large fabric store (where the owners are evil--another story--) hoping to find cute fabric for future baby clothes I could sew. I did pick up a few fabrics but all in all very disappointing. Florida has no good choices for fabric, that I can find. I really need my fabric shop at home they carry such great fabrics. (Deb you need to open a branch in FL!)

I did manage to get Angel out for two walks. I have decided that 6:30 am is about the best time and then around 7:00 pm. So that is our new schedule. She does so enjoy peeing everywhere!

Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard was bare tonight so dinner was less than satisfying. Today grocery shopping!

***completely useless: but I love the Swiffer commercial where the discarded MOP sings, Baby Come Back! Does anyone else like this? I love when commercials are good.

Friday, August 29, 2008


To clarify: Our association includes an alarm system with a company I don't want, so I now have a contract with Brinks instead. (my buddie George is a Brinks sub contractor) Our association won't pass the-everyone get their own alarm company-because they are idiots and won't listen to fiscal reason. So I wonder should I hook up the other alarm too? Two alarm companies should be better than one? Right?

My neighbors called me today to ask if I'd run for the association board when they renew in March...I think I might. I couldn't be any worse than a couple of the people on there.

Dark Knight was great. And in Imax--fabulous! And for only $12.00. I would go again if any other good shows are at the Imax.

Jess, Sex in the City wasn't that great-wait for the DVD rental.

This weekend I have some interesting projects to work on so I am looking forward to it.

Happy Labor Day weekend to all and to all a good night!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

maddening meeting

Tonight was our homeowner association meeting and it was very maddening to say the least. Currently included in our monthly association fee is an armed alarm company. But the contract was up for renewal and about thirty of us attended to try to get them to drop the contract and let each homeowner choose his own company and pay their own, like many of us are doing anyway. We didn't want the fees reduced as with the rising costs we were sure they would be raising them soon anyway. We just didn't want that money thrown away but wanted it rather to stay in the association for other things. Those who had the present alarm company could stay with it. It was a win win for everyone as whatever raise they decide on would be less with the 20,000 plus per year staying in the budget. But some of them would just not listen to reason. Everyone got quite upset but in the end it is what it is, not much we can do about it.

We all met in this tiny pool house and it was so hot we were all ringing wet when we left. I drank two bottles of water the first 10 minutes I was home.

Shannon and I went to the Sex in the City movie and it was okay, pretty good. It seemed long I worried for an hour that it would end bad because time was running out but I guess there was enough time to end it properly after all. I am also headed to Dark Knight in the next couple days so we will see how that is.

I am finishing a blah book but I need it done to start another so I'm off to bed to read.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Finally something interesting to write about. Today was my Mammogram...of course they were running about an hour and twenty minutes late. This old lady kept bitching that she had another appointment at 11:45 and her appt. was at 10:00 and why couldn't they just get her in. She kept saying "Damn it-just get me in!" A few minutes later the power went out. And I mean out. A loud pop and then nothing but a bit of generator lights in the hall. Then the lady yells out "hey girl get in here." One tech came and asked if we were alright. She says, " the TV is out, turn it on." We all explain the power is out. To which she says," F-it turn on the TV I was watching something." Again we explain about the power...we are after all sitting in the pitch dark...and TV's don't work with out electricity. She still doesn't get it.
She wants her turn so she can get to her next appt. The nurse says that the machine doesn't work without power and a several block area has no power. The woman starts swearing and says, "at least turn on the TV you little twit!"
I decided to bail as I figured it would be hours before they were up and running. The last thing I heard as I was leaving was the most disturbing, I heard the old woman say, "I am going to have to go get my car now or I won't make my other appt."
(She was driving! Oh shit, I got out of the lot quick!)

The other funny thing was this other old lady who was already in her hospital gown, open in the back, and she walked out the front waiting room as it was cooler...everything hanging out bare. I just kept my mouth shut and left.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Erin, I don't know how to post pictures...must learn. How about coming over instead? I know you will be busy but maybe we can work out a gals get away for wine and snack time. (gals and one little guy...Miller, of course) If the hurricane isn't in a hurry that is...

Nothing much to say...tired.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Such a nice quiet weekend. I am still not feeling to great so I played it close to the vest and stayed in. I did go out today with Shannon to Target for those last few items like Baby Tylenol etc.

When it got dark and the temperature dropped to a whopping 83.4 tonight--I took the dog for a short walk. She has been going stir crazy. As I can't breathe it was not much of a walk but she did get to pee on several things, so she enjoyed anyway.

I put up my Pack "n" Play and made a quilt for it and a changing pad to match, also burp clothes. So that was fun. Decorating my own little corner for the baby. I put a bin together with diapers, powder and the rest. I feel ready. Now we wait.

We're ready when you are little baby girl...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

sew simple

Great day in the morning! I sewed all day. If it wouldn't have been for my neighbor asking me to stop by I wouldn't have left the house all day. I made a quilt for the pack and play that is staying at my house and a cover for the changing try that sets on it. A few other odds and ends too.

Since I have had a nasty cough I have been putting Vicks on the bottoms of my feet at night and if you've never tried it the next time you get a cough do it. It works! I don't know how but it does.

Me and Angel are alseep on our feet...

Friday, August 22, 2008

This and That

Yet again George (from Brinks) had to come one more time because he hooked something up wrong and the alarm system wasn't working. After he "fixed" it I made him test it and yep...not working. Test again...not working. Opps did something wrong yet again...and finally test worked. Not inspiring much confidence right now. I'll say one thing for them they put in an alarm bull horn in my hall and this thing is LOUD! If you're breaking in here you better have ear plugs.

On a happy note...I think my Grand daughter is ready to get out and meet her parents. (and grandparents)
She is moving on down!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Brinks Buddies

I spent my day with the Brinks associates again today. Sometime waiting sometime cooking.
Reasons I know them to well:
1.We call each other by our first names and have each others personal cell phone numbers;
2.I have made them lunches and dinners more times than I have cooked for anyone else this month;
3.We have shared recipes;

And the number one reason we know each other too well:

4.When George left today he hugged me and said, "If I'm in the neighborhood I will stop by and say HI. Should

When I figured the costs for going with Brinks I didn't add in groceries--that would have thrown off the bid.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pure Joy

Shannon showed me how to post this darling photo of Aaron and Angel. Both rate an "A" in my book. The look on Angel's face say's, "this is where I want to be...keep holding me!" The look on Aaron's face say's it all...PURE JOY! If ever there was a little boy who would love a dog with his whole heart-this is him. Angel is lonely and misses you!
Survived Fay so far, thankfully very uneventful for us at least. Hope the same can be said for the rest of Fay's path. Had a great nights sleep. Shannon has the most comfortable guest bed ever. We have all been lazy today only Jon has been busy. (His list you know.)
We are packing the hospital bag so must go.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Thanks you all put my mind at rest a bit about Fay or any Hurricane coming our way. Nice to know that we all have each others backs. There is nothing like "Fr-amily" (friends & family) when times get tough. Hope nothing happens but a little rain. Take care of Miller although he will probably sleep right through it.

I am going to sleep at Shannon and Jon's tonight just incase the power goes out. I'm thinking of it as a fun sleep-over. Since I got my place I never get to use their guest room. I have the essentials, wine, a good book, flashlight and battery fan. Angel is looking forward to it too.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fay Go Away

Not looking forward to my first Hurricane! I want it to pass-by out to sea. I feel horrible with this crap in my lungs and this cough. It's hot and no electric/AC will not make me feel better. I will worry about Shannon and the baby...just not a good year for a hurricane.
I was looking for D cell 1 pack found 3 stores searched. I picked up a personal battery fan, won't be great but a little moving air will help if need be.
My car cooled a little better today and thanks Erin and Jess, glad to know that it was the heat not my car.

I had Jon and Shannon over for breakfast to break in my new waffle iron the kind the motels have that flips over. Only 50.00 at Sam's and the waffles were great. I also made ham and cheese croissants in the oven as Jon's not much of a waffle man. He is however a yard man and he offered to trim two trees for me that I was going to tackle. So I dropped off an 18 pack of Bud to Juan's Lawn Service as a thank-you. I really appreciated it! Thanks Jon. He came to pick up the limbs and haul them to his house and when he came in the alarm was on (I have been trying to get in the habit of arming it) so it set off. I was sewing but ran down thinking the dog set it off but no it was Jon. He said, "good thing I didn't think it was a real break in and bring the gun." I don't think it's loud enough to scare off a robber but hopefully it will call the cops.

Just talked to the hubby for a bit and now lights out and relax!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hot Hot Hot

Shannon and I have had a swim the last two mornings and it has felt wonderful. Man this 100 degree weather is hard to take. My cars AC feels like it doesn't work. I can't decide if it is just so hot it can't cool it down in the couple miles at a time I drive or if it needs a charge? Any one else having trouble with their AC in this heat?

Angel is off her game don't know if she missed Aaron or had too many treats. I took her in the pool with me this morning but she didn't have fun. My last dog Bandit (pom too) loved the pool. You could put him on a float and just let him drift. I tried to post a picture of Aaron and Angel but it didn't work. Maybe Shannon will do it.

I made a sinful dinner tonight a small steak and a big scallop! Yum.

Getting back to normal is lonely. But I reset up my craft room so I can get back to work. Jo Ann Fabrics tomorrow. Today my highlight was Sam's Club. Maybe I should call this blog...My boring life!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lonely Night

If you read Shannon's blog you already know that I had company since Monday. Shannon's babysitter (just another member of the family) and her husband and three kids. We have been having so much fun. Aaron, age 5, and I had so much fun in the mornings as he was an early riser like me. The rest of the family slept in getting some much needed relaxation! The second day they all went to the beach at 8:00 am their youngest stayed with me. He just didn't want to go to the beach. He loved Angel and I don't think he wanted to leave her. In an effort to get him to see the ocean we drove him down there hoping he would decide to stay...wrongo! In fact their daughter decided to ditch the ocean too in favor of Shannon's pool. Then we came home and Stef and I beaded. It was a wonderful day. And the visit went way too fast. They left today after a lazy day of visiting to drive to Orlando to catch a late flight home. Angel just doesn't know what to think. Her feet barely touched the floor for four days...she was usually in Aaron's arms. And for those of you who know Angel you know-that is her favorite place to be-in someones arms. She will really miss him as will I, he was my little buddy. All three kids are so sweet. Sue & sure did something right! Please come back soon. I am missing you already!

The only thing I am not missing is all those extra shoes in the entry way. It reminded me of how our house in Crosby always looks! I hate small foyers! I felt like the the old woman who lived in a shoe...or in this case...lived with shoes!

I am having an early night as my cough is really messing with my asthma and breathing is getting harder I thought resting in bed with HGTV would be a good idea. Shannon is home doing the same; she saw her doctor today and do to retaining water she is taking it easy as ordered.
Nite Nite!

Monday, August 11, 2008


If using this alarm is a compli-f_ _ _ing-cated as having it installed--I am as good as dead!
Holy crap it took from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm to day as well as most of the afternoon Friday and they still need to come back for the remote as the one they had was faulty. Now we are at Shannon's for what I expect to be another long long afternoon and night.

New subject-I ran to Publix got the in 10 items or less aisle behind two people. The first one was a very old man, the check out a very old lady. The man had a loaded cart so right there not good. The man had a major crush on the old lady and they talked after every scan. Finally the person ahead of me said, "lady can you talk and scan?" Finally my turn and the old geazer came back and asked her for a date! Yes, it was kind of cute but not in the 10 items or less lane! Come on!

My company isn't going to get here until around 9:00 so I guess it will be a late night!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dawn turned to Dusk

I finished Breaking Dawn. I couldn't put it down and now I am sorry I didn't put it down. When I read a book (especially if I love it) I always have to read it as fast as possible to find out what happens and then of course I am sad that I have come to the end so quickly.
If they do bring the series to the big screen it will never be as good as the books!

So as you might imagaine as I read 754 pages in two days I didn't get too much done today except that. I did get the 2nd guest room set up with wall to wall beds, my company numbering five, comes Monday. I am excited.

Late night

What am I doing up at this un-Godly hour (3:17 am) you wonder? Truth is that I am reading Breaking Dawn and about 11:00 pm I quit reading and told my self to go to sleep. I slept for a couple hours and now all I want to do is keep reading. But I am not going to let myself because I don't want to finish it too fast. I want to savor it a bit and I am already about half way. I am hoping blogging will get my mind on something else.

I had an interesting day today. After a late book club last night, didn't get in until 11:30. Doctor appt. early am today and then an all day install with Brinks at both Shannon's house and mine I should be sleeping! The all day install was due to parts that were supposed to be arriving UPS early which didn't come until UPS last delivery. The installer was still working after dinner. We feed him twice, thankfully we had leftovers from the party...brownies and cake at noon and then Manicotti at supper as he was still here. (And had no vehicle as his partner left much earlier in the day.) Finally his wife brought him the parts. It felt like we had company all day. Thankfully he was nice and spoke English you could understand. I think this will make us feel a little more secure so it the end it was worth it. We feel like we have a new friend; his wife wants the recipe for the Manicotti because he couldn't stop saying how good it was.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Taking Erin's & Shannon's advice I am going to put my phone number on Angels collar. I hope Ryan is right and the dog's barking will put off the robbers. I hope Angel barks-she is so excited to have visitors that if I wasn't home she just might welcome them in! She is the kind of Dog who barks when you don't want her to and doesn't bark when you do!

Now Annie's bark would surely scare away crooks...I wish I had her bark on a tape recorder that would play automatically when someone comes close by the house. We should invent that!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Bad to the Bone

By now you have read about the robbery. I was amazed that V could move back in right away. I would be freaked for...well years most likely. I like Shannon am mostly worried about the dog. If she and I were gone then it would be awful but you could get over it. But if the dog was home...I shudder to think! I am trying to decide if I should "chip" Angel I am most afraid she will run away or they will hurt her to shut her up...she is annoying with her shrill bark! I just don't understand why people do these things. Why can't they just work like the rest of us? There are a lot of bad bad people out there. Makes me miss HOME. We don't have much of that in Crosby. (For all the things I've ever said about small towns etc. I take it all back! Give me the boring life!)
By the way after seeing the way her place was tossed, every out of the way place you can think of stashing something, trust me they will look there.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Designed to Win

Don't know why this has been a bad week but besides my arm both my knees are giving me arthritis is really giving me the "red eye"! But its not like I'm not used to it so--whatever.

I am so excited to see Design Star tonight and the Summer Show Down so I need to pay attention to it. Hope the Guy wins tonight on the first show and I hope Vern kicks ass on the second!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sew relaxing

I had a wonderfully quite day, doing two of my favorite things, sewing and cooking. Made ham & bean soup and a few baby projects: The chair pad for the new rocker, a tickle blanky & several binky straps. Also got some light cleaning and laundry done. Shared the soup with Shannon and Jon tonight for dinner. All in all a very relaxing day.

My arm is starting to feel a little better. And to top it off the Orkin ant bait did the trick and my ants have found a new home! (Or maybe they are dead.) But either way they are not crawling all over my house! Thank You Pam!