Thursday, December 27, 2007


Today we were blessed with a comcast service guy who was great. He changed out some splitters and updated everything. We are up and running! However today I ran errands all day and I still haven't been home long enough to become witty. Hopefully soon.
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

High speed in-ternet--out-ternet

I can't post as my internet is out...I'm at Shannon's so I thought I'd say, tune in next week.
Christmas was great! I got so many wonderful gifts! Tell you about it soon...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

no compute

Darn computers are so madding! Hooked up comcast high speed Internet five days ago and the darn thing is so slow...I want to throw the works out the window...and almost did!
High Speed? That is a joke! Slow makes me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Santa do something evil to comcast!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jingle All The Way

No time for a witty post Shannon has me too busy! It's the Holiday Rush Rush Rush I love so much! Not. So off goes Santa's elf-Ho Ho Ho!

Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm here....

Just wanted to say I didn't need that Will....I made it to the sunshine state in one piece. No more cold and snow for me. I am running out to a Christmas Pageant...a fabulous one where there are real camels and angels fly in for the birth of Jesus. Wish you were all here to see it with me.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Letter To Santa

Dear Santa;
Could you repeat the holiday season I had last year? Once again please let me stand in shopping lines so long they wrap around the store twice. So that I might have time to read my shopping list and check it 20 or 30 times for accuracy. And I do so enjoy being pushed and shoved by angry shopper’s carts until the skin peals off my heels. Let me also search through four or five stores for that one special item on my shopping list only to have the last one snatched right out of my hands. Be sure to let each person who receives one of my gifts that I painstakingly wrapped with expensive paper and bows from Pottery Barn just rip it open with one pull & with out a second look. And let me somehow enjoy standing on hard floors for an entire day to do my holiday baking and if you could let me gain another ten pounds from just licking the spoons. And let me get gifts this year that I really need: like the leopard print satin bathrobe I received last year; or another barely used perfume; I wouldn’t mind having holiday sox’s with loud bells as they have been a hit in the past; large snowman earrings I can always use; or maybe yet another holiday sweater with Rudolf and his big glowing red nose that would be a must have. So Santa if you can just repeat last year.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Freaky Friday

This is a big Friday night...when your our age.
We shopped for presents for Grandma, my husbands mother, we visited her-at the HOME-then went out to dinner with his sister and brother in law. Now for the excitment...we went driving to see Christmas lights. I was so excited and feeling happy everyone was not as bah humbug as me. But we were sadly disapointed this year. Either everyone has lost the holiday spirit or, and this is more likely, it got so cold so fast that people couldn't get their lights out. Last night it was -20, still is. So many of the places we go by every year had little or no lights.

We would get all excited and say, lets go see the house with the, yada yada, get there and freaky...nothing.
The last few years one family had the whole house & yard lit up with music and flashing lights and santa and his sleigh jumping over a creek was the WOW factor. The guy had it set up with his computer and it was something. We drove over there and nothing, freaky. Later we heard his neighbors had him shut sad. But I suppose if you were the neighbor it would drive you nuts too. All the cars everywhere, lights flshing. It would be like having the swat team at your neighbors every night!

Finally, we heard Brainerd had a drive through park, went there, donated our $8.00, and saw several lights etc, it was very nice. (Nothing like Florida's but again the cold factor.)

I am sure looking forward to the boat parade and the Holiday parks! Florida here I come!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Blinking or non-blinking?

I am NON definitely. Blinking lights make me nauseas!
(Although once I had this really cool strand of tiny little twinkling lights; really, barely an occasional twinkle…wish I still had those but alas they went in a ball somewhere forgotten.)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

White or Colored part II

Who Knew?
Seems like quite the controversy, a few friends phoned me & others emailed, not sure if they wanted to comment online, so here are some further thoughts to consider.
I searched the internet and oh my goodness people have strong feelings on this matter, I had no idea.
First observation, hands down little kids seem to like the colored lights better. (So Erin better pick up a few strands after Xmas when they are on sale…you may have to switch.)
Second, generally, it’s the sophisticated types that go for the white lights…but I feel like it is a contradiction to feel the need for only white lights-because the multi ones are for trailer trash folk-(not my comment, someone on the internets, although I do feel I personally associate better with folk in a trailer park-a nice one-than those on snob hill) anyway back to my thought about the contradiction for the sophisticated white lighters…most of them put their white lights on a fake Christmas tree…Isn’t that an oxymoron?
Third, To Ryan’s comments on loving the big old fashion colored bulbs that are bound to start your tree aflame…you rock! My mother put those lights on her tree until the day she died--(I presume some of them were the original ones she bought in the 1940’s because if you touched them you got burned.) Ryan, you are in good company, she was a classy lady! Myself I can’t hang onto lights that long, I kind of toss them into a ball and they usually don’t work by the next year & I buy new because they are a tangled mess, but if I had taken better care of them I would use them! My Mother loved her hand-made decorations and big lights yet after she died we couldn’t find them; I figure she took them with her! (So watch for the big fire-ball glow of multi colored lights in the sky!)
Just to clarify, I love white lights too…I have them on my fake palm tree in my place in Florida and keep it lit all year! (Now that is Tacky with a capital T) I love the sparkle of white lights and use colored lights for the holiday tree & season only. Even un-sophisticated little me knows that much!
So basically what I figured out was this…EACH TO HIS OWN…Ain’t American Great!
Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good (& brightly lit) night. HO HO HO

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

White or Colored

I have found that people can be divided into two categories. White or Colored. Lights that is.
I myself am a colored lover. Trees to me look so wonderful with all those colored lights glowing and the bulbs reflecting the sparkle from the lights. I can however put white ones outside on bushes or palm trees as it were. (They look especially good in the snow.) I also don’t mind white ones around stairs etc…but on the tree, for me, it must be colored.
So tell me are you a white or colored light lover?

Monday, December 3, 2007

A Modern Day Fairy Tale

Once upon a time about 16 years ago a beautiful princess was sick. She called to her mother and ran for the downstairs bathroom. When she turned the corner the projectile vomiting started. The bathroom looked like a fire hose had been let loose in it—Oh my! The mother was helping her daughter up the stairs, so that she might help her to clean herself up because the princess was so weak.

Just then a handsome young prince knocked on their door. The prince had ridden his snowmobile (as he was only 15 and couldn’t drive a vehicle) over to visit the sick princess. The princess and the prince had been “dating” for a few months.

The mother turned to the prince and told him how the princess had gotten sick downstairs and she was going to help her and he should go home.
Later when the princess was settled safe in a warm bath, the mother went downstairs to begin the arduous task of cleaning vomit from all surfaces.

Much to her astonishment there was the young prince cleaning up after the princess himself. The mother said, “Oh my! You shouldn’t be doing that!” But the young prince insisted, “You need to take care of the princess, I will take care of this." And when he was done the bathroom sparkled.

Now when the mother returned to the princess and told her the unbelievable story of what the prince was doing, the mother also added, “you should marry this prince, because no other man, you will ever meet, would do such a distasteful task for you! This prince is truly one in a million.”

And so the princess did marry her prince, when they grew up, and they lived happily ever after! The End

P.S. That prince is my son-in-law!