Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ahh Home Sweet Home

Being home has been super busy. I haven't had time for friends or fun it seems. My first month home was a blur! Now Shannon and Rylee are here...double blur!

As soon as I hit the state my allergys started in & my knees acted up (using a cane again). The entire month of April it rained day and night, I only saw the sun twice. But May was much nicer and cool and sunny. We got the boat in the lake and have been on a couple pontoon rides. (Rylee liked it. Well she liked walking around the boat deck eating chips!)

Everything feels weird. I can't find anything in my own house. I keep forgetting to shut the side doors on my van 'cause the Florida ones are automatic. Super Value doesn't carry any of the items I buy at Publix. I figure once I just get used to living here I will be headed back to Florida. I can see why old people in Florida are confused. The older I get the more confusing it is to live in two places.

I am working this week for one of our gals who is enjoying a well needed vacation. Can't wait until Friday! LOL

It was nice catching up on some of your back blogs!