Tuesday, March 31, 2009

twilight twilight twilight

I watched Twilight three times in a row tonight! I know, I am pathetic. In my defence I did run errands this morning. Fed the stray cat twice. (Also fed my dog twice.) Did laundry and made beds. Cleaned the bathrooms. Took down tables in the sewing room and turned it into a spare bedroom as my brother, his wife and their two kids are coming to visit this Sat. for a week. As I got a lot out of my day-I "Twilighted" my night away. I am so in the mood to read the book again.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


When your life is boring you don't have much to blog about...and my life is boring! I made good on the Veg comment though...
I have watched a lot of Lifetime movies these past two days. In fact I am still in my PJ'S this morning. Might clean, might sew, might make a pot of homemade soup, might do nothing...we'll see. If I got anymore relaxed I'd melt.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

looking to Veg

I have had a busy couple of weeks. My friend was here and you know I was sewing. The day she left I dropped her at the airport at 6:00 am and then came to take care of Rylee. Then repeat that for three days. The rest of the time I just SLEPT! I can't seem to catch up. Maybe this weekend I will just veg.

My days with Rylee are wonderful...she is such a joy these days. She is growing up way too fast. Shannon just mentioned the other day she wanted her to stay like this for several months as she didn't want the baby stage to go away. I know what she means...but on the other hand all the stages are fun.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

good news

Just now I looked outside and there is Miss Kitty-as I have named her-laying in the driveway across the street were the little boys live, waiting for them to come home. Each morning now they leave fresh water out and at night they give her food and water. And the best part is...they pet her. I guess she is waiting for her family to come home and feed her. It isn't perfect, they can't have her inside because of the dog, but at least they care and to me that is good news!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Here is what I have been (slaving on) enjoying, instead of blogging! These jeans were all used-some used more than others-by my friend Jan, her husband and family. Then we turned them into quilts for her grandsons. Which is meant to be more of a warm hug from their family! It was hard work getting them done in this sort time span but it was a labor of love.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kitty cat love

Well as you know I have been feeling so sad for lost kitty...yesterday the lady across the street from me fed it. She put out a lot of food and the little thing ate it all. Then sometime last night she must have puked it all up on my driveway. (I cleaned up the mess today.) But the best thing happened while we were sewing later this morning.

The kids across the street were walking their dog...who didn't like the cat at all! So they put the dog back in the house and brought out treats for the cat. They were running and tossing treats, a bit scared of the cat I think. But the cat didn't look twice at the food she just ran after the kids meowing. I could tell she just wanted some petting. It was breaking my heart. Then their dad came out, I have always thought of him...well as an ass... but low and behold he has a new place in my heart now, because he bent down and petted that little stray cat. I never saw an animal so happy. She rubbed her head all over him and walked in and out of his legs rubbing against him. He called his boys over and they started petting it too. I balled like a baby for fifteen minutes. Jan must have thought I lost my mind. But all I could think of was all the cat wanted was some human inter-action and love. When they went in the house the cat layed right down under their car, hoping she had found a family. But I don't think so. Their dog is big and mean.

I called the city again and asked if the cat would get a chance to get placed or just put down if I trapped it...they said, the later. So now I guess maybe it is just better to leave her on her own. I wish I knew someone who wanted a cat. I bet if she had a flea bath and vet check she would make a wonderful loving family pet. She is such a pretty little calico. If you know of anyone looking to adopt a cat please let me know. If they would come over I bet they would like her. Please ask around, this cat needs love.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Long Day

We quit sewing about 10:00 pm so it was quite the day. But we were pleased with how much we got done. Tomorrow if we go from sun-up to late we might have the two tops done! Then maybe two more full days if we are lucky. We only have until Monday night to finish so we are motivated. I will post pics when we are done. I drank coffee after 5:00 pm so I am still awake but I wish I could sleep as the alarm is set for 6:00 am...we will see.

The rain today was welcomed. The poor grass was looking brown this should help.

Busy Bees

Catching up: A friend from home has come to visit. So I have been super busy and tired. Last night we went to be at 8:15! Talk about old. I spent last weekend getting ready. Then Monday and Tuesday we baby-sat for Rylee while Shannon was subbing. This week Rylee has TWO Grandma's and she is enjoying it!

Us Minnesota Gals have been having fun so far. And now we start a big project...Jan has two Grandchildren, boys, and we are making a jean quilt for each of their beds! She has been saving jeans and shipped them before she came. It is going to be a lot of work but fun. I am up early and getting ready to shower because we need to get an early start.

Cat update: my neighbor and I have been calling around and checking all the pet finder web sites to see if the cat is lost. She had one last lead but if it doesn't pan out Jan and I are going to trap it and get it to the shelter. (Maybe today.) Wish us luck!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Will beer conquer fear?

What am I to do.
Now the scruffy cat has taken to living near my place. Every time I drive in or out of the yard or open the car door or house door it comes running. I don't think it is a Ferrell, I think it is an abandoned cat. It seems to like people! In fact it tries to come in to the house or car! I am afraid to open my garage door as I'm sure it will run in. While unloading groceries it wanted to jump in my car. Then it tried to come in.
The animal control people said if I can get it into a crate or box they will pick it up the same day. I have a dog kennel I don't use, if it was baited with food I bet it would run in!

Anybody want to help catch it???? I am allergic and a bit nervous...I will supply the beer!
I feel sorry for the poor thing. They did say it would go to the shelter.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

House Arrest

Angel is home and feeling fine. Her teeth sparkle like Whitney Houston's! The only down side (apart from the money thing of course, cha-ching) is that they partially shaved her front paw and now she licks it non-stop. She is laying on the bed and giving me the, come to bed because you are keeping me awake look, so I will keep this short.

A ferrell cat update: My neighbor says her dogs got fleas from the cats. Now she is in panic mode. She took the dogs to get the flea baths. She got the flea powder for the carpeted area. Sprayed. Cleaned. But she has two kids that crawl all over the floors. She is freaking out. I know how she feels I have been there. Wash everything in your house that is washable (and that is a lot of shit) then clean & spray everything else! Then they come right back...do it all again. It hasn't happened to me in a long long time but the fear lives! Angel takes Sentinel so that the fleas can't reproduce. But in the old days before Sentinel...nightmare. Either way Angel is on house arrest...I can't go through that again.

(I still feel bad for the sad/hungry cats!)

Teeth cleaning

I am trying to pass some time this morning without going downstairs as I can't feed Angel or let her drink. She is going to the Vet for a teeth cleaning. She will not be happy with me later today I'll bet! I will let you know how she does.
As long as she will be under sedation I thought this might be a good time to get her chipped? I am going to look into it.

I am looking forward to a friend's visit this next week. She is coming for about ten days. During that time we are going to make jean quilts for her two grandson's. That should be fun. After she leaves my brother and his family are visiting...it seems all my visits are in the Spring this year.

Well I'm off....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


A couple days ago I watched a documentary on Polygamy. Which is ironic as our book club is now reading a true story about a woman who was raised in a radical polygamist cult and escaped. Both the movie and the book are riveting.

What is weird as I watched and now read, is that most Mormon's do not believe in polygamy! My niece and her husband are Mormon and them and their whole church are the nicest most helpful sweet people you would ever meet! So don't judge all Mormon's by the radical few we hear so much about. That is not what these wonderful people are about.

If you do get a chance the book is Escape by Carolyn Jessop.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Smart

Have you seen the Car Max commercial: where the guy sticks his tongue on the flag pole & it sticks there? (The commercial then says, "not smart--buying a car at Car Max-smart"--but I regress.)

Well anyway...back to my point. The not smart part...tongue and flagpole. I have been dumber than that! In grade school, some older kid told me to lick the door knob of the school. I didn't really think it was a good idea but after some pure-pressure, I did it. It stuck tight and I couldn't get it off. The principle had to come out and pour warm water on it so it would let go! It was horrible. It pulled all the taste buds off my tongue. I remember it was even kind of bloody and yet I never even got to go home for the day. I just got in trouble with the principal. I didn't get any sympathy, no nurses office, nothing. Kids were tough in the old days!

When I got home and told my mom about the incident. She asked why I did it. I told her so & so told me too. She didn't have any sympathy either, she said something to the effect of, "well now you know to think about the consequences before you blindly do what people tell you too! It was a good lesson for you to learn." (I think I did get ice cream after that at least.)

I must have learned my lesson because that may have been the last time I did anything I didn't want to do. It was not, however, the last time I did anything stupid. But at least after that all the dumb ideas were my own!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

To end Shannon's fabulous birthday week, she and I drove to Bonita Springs to meet up with two of my classmates from High School. (Thank you Jon for doing the daddy day-care !) We got there early and went to the retirement park where one of my friends lives. It was Shannon's first time at the park (her dad and I love it) and she fell in love with it in two minutes! She wants to move in now, why wait for retirement. She summed it up as, being on vacation everyday.

We went thrift store shopping and Shannon found a few treasures. We met up with gal-pal #2 (who was down on vacation) and had lunch, shopped around and ended our day at-The Best of Everything! A jewelry and more, store. (all kinds of jewelry-$6-12.00-, sunglasses @ $5.00- purses and carry all bags $10-15 and much more!)

Shannon thinks Best of Everything should franchise all over the U.S. as there was no sign of a recession there! Driving in, the lot was packed and husbands were sitting on the outside deck while their wives dipped into their retirement cash! Once inside you need a traffic cop to hand out trays and move lines. Plan for extra time in the check out lane. Although they make it pretty painless by pre-packaging and having four or five checkouts. Whether you are shopping for yourself or buying gifts, the prices are so good and the quality so great, if you haven't checked this place out it is worth the drive to Naples or Bonita Springs. (I purchased Shannon a few esential B-day gifts, the other girls made purchases too. It's hard to leave with out spending.) One thing I will add the staff is NOT friendly or helpful. In fact most of them are darn right rude! So expect to look around to find what you want.

We headed back to the park and sat by the pool, had a snack, added a man to our crew (a hungry husband) and went for a seafood dinner. We sat outside and visted for several more hours. From old stories to new ones, it was a ball. When we got home I said to Shannon, "Okay, does this end birthday week?" And she agreed her birthday was finally over. So until next year...Happy Birthday, so happy I could spend it with you.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lost Lonely Kitty

Our complex has several feral cats that live here. They hang out on the other end so I don't usually don't see them. But several neighbors complain that one lady feeds them and they want her to stop! People are afraid for their kids and pets. They say the cats carry diseases. They have tried calling animal control but they said they are too busy and the shelters too full for them to do anything. Well, last night about 5:00 pm...one came up to the back patio door-looking around for bugs-I suppose. It was so thin and scruffy and seemed lonely. I felt so sad I couldn't stand it. I almost gave in and fed it even though they've asked us not too. This is cruel. How can animals be treated so badly? Poor cats must think no body cares. What should I do?

Unrelated issue: I have a very drippy shower! I am losing lots of water as the drip is steady. I called my plumber at home and he said it's the gasket on the on-off thingy. (Thingy was not his word.) Now I have the delemma of finding a plumber. As luck would have it I am babysitting Mon. Tue. Wed. next week so I guess the dripping will continue...

Thursday, March 5, 2009


The other night was I was driving home after a dinner out so it was around 9:00, there was a guy sitting on the curb by my place waiting for the bus. He had the hood up on his sweatshirt but right as I passed him I saw he was wearing a "Jason" mask, those creepy white and black things...scared the B-jesus out of me!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy 33rd Birthday Shannon

Happy Birthday to my baby! It is hard to believe that 33 years have gone by. It seems like yesterday to me. From the first day we brought you home--

you have made us proud. You are my best friend and the person I admire most in the world. My greatest wish has always been that you would know the same joy as we have all these years and now that you have your own baby girl you will. I hope that you and Rylee can have as much fun in the next 33 years as we have had in the last 33!

We have been truly blessed!

Have a wonderful birthday....Love you, Mom

Monday, March 2, 2009


When will I ever learn??? How many times can I get sucked in by reality TV? The Bachelor completely had me thinking I would see some shocking ending, I don't know what I expected but the back and forth back and forth-I love you, no I don't, I love her-wasn't it. I guess it proves that you can't find real love when your relationship unfolds on national TV.