Monday, November 30, 2009

to scoop or not to scoop

There is a guy who lives a few units down from me. He drives a crappier vehicle than I do-which is amazing in itself. His wife (or girlfriend) walks a medium size black dog. Everytime I am home I see her let the dog crap in my yard and they walk off leaving me to be the pooper scooper. Two weeks ago, I saw the dog squating and ran outside with a garbage bag.
I said, "Hello, I brought you out a doggie bag as I've noticed you usually don't have one with you." I thought that was tackful, but apparently not, as she grabbed the bag, scooped the poop and stalked off without a word. Yesterday, when I saw her dog start to squat I noticed she jerked the chain and moved to the next yard to let it poop and left the poop lay. Atleast it hasn't pooped in my front yard since. Now if I could only get my neighbors to pick up after their dog. And to pick up their garbage. They always just throw trash out on the lawn and it blows all over the place. Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking.

Once again there are many stray cats in my complex. These cats seem wild though, not like my little Patches from last year. I'm sure you remember I got my neighbor to adopt her and she says Patches is the sweetest cat she has ever seen. She never claws anything, always uses the kitty litter, rules the other two dogs, and loves to snuggle! She loves her so much and is thankful she adopted her. (I'm thankful too.)

The possums seem to be back in the area, I saw one this weekend. It drives the neighbors dog nuts but Angel doesn't seem to notice it.

Jon helped me put a desk out on the curb Saturday morning and it was gone in the time it took me to write the word FREE. It was a nice one, modern, so I am not surprised. With a couple things out of the garage I am starting to see a path open up. Hurrah!

I did get my tree up this weekend and I will buy some new lights for outside as last years are half out. Some of my neighbors have lights's starting to look a lot like Christmas!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I love this holiday!

I love this holiday, it's my favorite. A Day all about family and friends and being thankful for our blessings. It doesn't get any better than that. Although, I miss Thanksgiving Days past, when we all went to my Mom and Dad's. She was the best cook and made everyones favorite foods. The huge family gathering with all the kids what fun! With her love and food she made the day special. Sharing drinks, stories & arguing over politics, made it the loud crazy day I will never forget and will always long for...I Miss you Mom.

It's weird thinking that other countrys' don't celebrate Thanksgiving. That this is only an American Holiday. That tomorrow they won't be sitting down to turkey, dressing and mashed potatoes with gravy. That they won't be saying what they are thankful for. I feel bad for them but I guess they don't know what they are missing.

Here, it is raining and it looks like rain tomorrow too so here is my thought on that:
Rain Rain go away
Come back after Turkey Day.

Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings to you all.

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon reignites Twilight Fever

Once again the Twilight Fever is setting in. The New Moon movie was so good. Like everyone else the book was my least favorite because I wanted Bella to get back to Edward. But seeing Jacob in person (HUNK) gave me a new perspective!

I did think the director must have had a mean streak though...making Edward (Pattinson) appear shirtless right after Jacob...come on! That was just uncalled for and cruel!

I hope I don't feel the need to start reading the books over again, at least not until after Christmas, I have so many things to do and no time to do them. I am espesially addicted to reading Midnight Sun, Edwards version of Twilight, I'm trying to use my will-power not to go to the web site or pull the books out. But you know I have no will-power, if I did, I'd use it to stick to my diet.

Wish me luck on both-I need it!

Friday, November 20, 2009

a true story of switched at birth

Read my last blog to hear from someone who was switched at birth. I was shocked & saddened to read his story. I followed his link to understand more. I think the book would explain a lot of questions.

It is something I thought of when I had Shannon because back in those days it happened. I was paranoid about having John remember her face, ears etc. Thankfully today they have a lot more security in place but I'll bet it still happens.

Rylee update: She is still having diarrhea and yeast infection, it is so sad. She is miserable. It ticks me off the doctors don't warn you this will happen when you take antibiotics and have you treat it as you are taking the stuff. I sure hope she gets back on track. My heart breaks everyday.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

switched at birth

What would you do if you found out the child you took home from the hospital, loved and raised-for a year-was not your child; and your child was in another home being raised by someone else?

I watched this show today about this very thing, based on a true story and what a mess. Think about it, what would you do?

Of course everyone would want both children but what if that wasn't an option? I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This and That

Finally seems like little Rylee is starting to feel better. What a slow process. Nothing is worse than when you have a sick child or grandchild in this case. Brought me right back to the days when Shannon was a baby. She used to spike the highest fevers. It was so scary.

On a happier note book club is this Thursday, I am hosting. In honor of the book I picked, One Thousand White Women-The journals of Mae Dodd- by Jim Fergus...we are having Indian fare. Wild rice, and I am making it into wild rice soup and salad. (Which is not how they prepared it I assume-but a tribute just the same.) I recommend the book, very interesting and a page turner. A lot to discuss.

Thanksgiving is upon us and it makes me lonely for John and my family back home. I guess this is a good one to miss if I have to as John can't eat dinner anyway. He is having surgery the next day, a triple hernia repair. Wish I could be there to spoil him a few days. I will make up for it when he gets here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

When I was younger Veteran's Day didn't mean much to me. I don't think I ever gave it much thought. But now I realize that it is a day to be thankful. I think we all forget the sacrifices they make and take them for granted. I know I do. Last week was a big reminder though--so sad the senseless massacre in Texas at Fort many families left in pain. Since the revolutionary war soldiers have been putting themselves in harms way to protect this country and it's people. I for one, am thankful for and everyday. I wouldn't be brave enough to do what they do.

I hope that we can all take a few minutes to say a prayer for all our soldiers and their families tonight.

Monday, November 9, 2009

No Excuses

Don't know what my excuse is for not blogging...been busy. Also been babysitting a lot at my place-no computer there.

Finally, the weather here is cooling-what does that mean besides great weather-it means my MN friends will be coming to their winter places in FL. and we can get together! I am missing them. See you gals soon!

Angel still seems to be choking quite a bit...even though she was on meds for about 20 days. Guess another trip to the vet might have to happen, I am watching her.

Saturday was hectic, I had a late night Friday. Then Sat. moved things around, in the house yet again. Cleaned a closet, laundry, and scrubbed floors. Sat. night made pizza and snacks for Shannon and Venessa. I took out my Grandmothers glass crystal pitcher and made sangria. I put it back in the frig to keep it cold and sure enough knocked it out of the frig and onto the floor. Thankfully, someone above was watching, and it didn't break or chip! It did make a heck of a mess, which Venessa cleaned up. Thanks.

Took Rylee out swinging this morning she put her hands in the air and said, "weee". Yesterday Shannon and I took her to the park, where a woman was hogging the swings with her two children. There are only two kids swings and she had them when we came and 30 minutes later Shannon said, "well should we just go?" To which I replied, "they will have to get off the swings sometime, lets wait."
I guess that hint did it, as she got the kids off. Rylee took a turn for 5-6 minutes and then we left. Shannon said the Parents magazine says at busy parks stay only five minutes on each piece of equipment to give the other kids a chance. Apparently, the other woman doesn't read Parents magazine.

Then we ran an errand to City Furniture and home again. Finished cleaning. Making my Sunday a lot more relaxing than Saturday. I was ready for the week to start just to get onto my routine.

Monday, November 2, 2009


This year there seemed to be no trick or treaters out. I had three and one was Rylee. Shannon had one, Miller. So I guess parents are finally following the warnings...there are scary people out on Halloween and I don't mean the good kind. In So. Florida at least, parents kept close watch on their children this year.
Good for you!
But it leaves us with a lot of uneaten candies. (I bagged mine up and told Jon to take it to work.)