Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Not that anyone will read this since I never post anymore but I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!

Friday, September 24, 2010

hello everyone

I never get to use a real computer and the I phone is frustrating. But if you need to get me a message friend me on facebook...I am always on there.
Loved catching up with you all.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Back in the Sunshine State

Hello! In some ways it's nice to be back. In others NOT. But hey it is what it is. Looking forward to Rylee's 2nd Birthday soon. And John is visiting in October:)
Having fun on facebook!
On the I phone It's easier to read your blogs than comment...but I'm keeping up.
Take care...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ahh Home Sweet Home

Being home has been super busy. I haven't had time for friends or fun it seems. My first month home was a blur! Now Shannon and Rylee are here...double blur!

As soon as I hit the state my allergys started in & my knees acted up (using a cane again). The entire month of April it rained day and night, I only saw the sun twice. But May was much nicer and cool and sunny. We got the boat in the lake and have been on a couple pontoon rides. (Rylee liked it. Well she liked walking around the boat deck eating chips!)

Everything feels weird. I can't find anything in my own house. I keep forgetting to shut the side doors on my van 'cause the Florida ones are automatic. Super Value doesn't carry any of the items I buy at Publix. I figure once I just get used to living here I will be headed back to Florida. I can see why old people in Florida are confused. The older I get the more confusing it is to live in two places.

I am working this week for one of our gals who is enjoying a well needed vacation. Can't wait until Friday! LOL

It was nice catching up on some of your back blogs!

Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm baaack

Babysitting tonight so Mommy and Daddy can have an evening together before they lose their sitter. Rylee went down long ago so I am enjoying some computer time!
Been busy with Rylee and getting my last projects finished, cleaning and such. Preparing to go home. Only week to go...

It was fun catching up on your blogs. Have a great summer-I know I will.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter

The Easter Bunny is hopping the street to bring you happiness, good health and chocolate! (maybe a bottle of wine) Good Bunny!

Rylee decorated a cake today with pink peeps...she opened gifts from the easter bunny-read mama, daddy and me- mostly she was only interested in the bubble machine which didn't work! So I am off to find bubbles. The old fashioned kind.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To Blog or not to blog

Since I just don't get to Shannon's often enough to use the computer to blog. And doing it on the I-phone is hard. Add to that my blogs have become blaaags. I just wanted to say that if I have something to say I'll post. But if not...NOT.
I will try to stay reading...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Excuses /accident

Excuses for not blogging are:
no access to normal size computer.
Too much company.
Car accident.
But the truth is too much fun on facebook conecting with old friends.

Before you wonder a guy came flying through the intersection without yielding and crashed into the side of my car it's in the shop. I rented a Chevrolet traverse-love it!
My worst regret is I wish he could have hit the side that needed repainting

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To Shannon on her Birthday

34 years ago today we got the best gift ever - you! 6 lbs. 6 1/2 oz. of joy! And you having been bringing us joy ever since. Dad and I are so proud of the wonderful person you are. Rylee is so lucky to have you for a mom!

We have been best friends since the beginning! Here are some mom and daughter photos through the ages.

Have fun today and everyday. Happy Birthday from the two people who have loved you the longest and the bestest!
Mom & Dad

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Making progress

Project update:
I didn't paint. Decided I didn't know what to paint.
The teddy Bear was too hard, with no pattern I had issues with the head. I wasn't sure if I could just leave it off and call it the headless Teddy!
I did work on the quilt and have it mostly done! It's cute.
And we are kicking A__ on the scanning of photos! So all in all not a bad couple of days.

Friday, February 19, 2010


With company gone I am in the mood to do projects. So this weekend I proclaim, project weekend. I have a painting idea I have been dying to paint. A quilt to sew for my niece. A teddy bear to try to sew, no pattern just an idea. We'll see what gets done. Seems like I have more projects than time lately. And more time than money...story of my life.

Photo scan in progress. I bought a photo scan machine from QVC and it works slick! Shannon has started the scans and I am going to help. Our plan is to scan in all the old family photos and give a CD (or CD's) to each family member. (Hope they are not holding their breath.)

I am taking care of Rylee today while Shannon is at the dentist. She went down to sleep about 10 minutes ago. I miss her, now that I don't care for her everyday. Seems I am more lonely than she is...she has turned into quite the little Mommy's girl!!! And Daddy's girl too, as today when I came she screamed Daddy, daddy daddy...and was slightly disapointed it was only Gramma. Ah well third place isn't bad!

Must run.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Condensed version

Been Busy. Company left and came again. Friend from home! We are having a fun action packed week. No time for blogging. We are having book club tonight. (good snacks) Fri. Making dinner for Jon and with Rylee. Sat. going to Naples to shop--girls day out-Rylee with Daddy. That is all the farther out we've planned. Having fun!

Friday, February 5, 2010

fish and company stink in 3 days

This is the time of year I have a lot of company. Last week my brother and his wife. This Sunday, my friend Jeanine, from home. We plan to have a lot of fun...doing nothing. They soon my neice is coming (11) for a week! Can't wait. Another friend is trying to arrange something. Now I wonder could it just be that I am so missed they all seem to travel here this time of year? Or could it have something to do with the fact it's freezing in MN and they are sick of winter?...humm something to ponder.
My sister in law says fish and company stink in 3 days...but not my company, I am happy to have them!

Angel feeling better, thank you cutest Vet in the world! (Or atleast in Broward County)
Now if we can figure out what is wrong with Rylee and fix it...we will be all set.
We are off to the specialist today.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pet Triplets

Here is the photo of the aforementioned pet paintings. The photo doesn't do it justice - they are adorable!

Pictured from top to bottom: Dancer, Bandit & Angel :)

I think Judy has a future in pet sketches but she says she doesn't want a new career she is retired! Company left today but I won't be lonely long a gal pal is coming this weekend!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pet paintings

My Brother and sister in law came to visit for a few days. She is kind-of alergic to dogs, I say kind-of because Angel didn't bother her but she didn't like her around. So to make up to her for not wanting to pet her, she offered to do a painting of her in water colors. (She is an artist.) In about ten minutes she captured her perfectly. Then she did my first two dogs who passed away...wonderful keepsakes all three! Then she did one of Rio, Shannon's dog. I will try to take a picture of them, I don't know if they will look right, a picture of a picture, but I'll try it.
Thank you Judy! You are the best with a brush that I have ever seen!

Right now I am babysitting. (Happpy 18th dating anniversary Jon and Shannon!) Poor little Rylee had mud butt and cried and cried. It broke my heart. I hate to think of her going through this again already! I finally gave her some Tylenol and now she is almost asleep. I am having a bowl of peppermint ice cream and a glass of Sherry, and listening to Blue Collar comedy tour! Love it.

Really organized my closets and cupboards last week. I wish they would stay that way. But alas I am much better at organizing than keeping organized.
Nothing else much happening. Chow!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Go Colts

I haven't watched a Vikings game in...well years...but I watched last night. Not a good omen as they lost. So I called a friend who is a big Colts fan to wish them luck. I said I'd watch...but now wondering if I'd be more help if I didn't?

Rylee came and spent the day with me, or part of the day I brought her home around 3:00. We had fun playing with her doll...change the baby, feed the baby, tickle the baby. Angel played too but she didn't really want too.

My brother and his wife are coming for a visit so I am trying to get ready. The thing is she only eats grass feed beef and for some reason all the easy meals I can think of are beef. Guess a trip to whole foods is in my future.

Nothing else much happening...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

pieces and parts

Yesterday the lizzard fell out of the tree but it didn't look like it was going to come too-ever. So I was picturing the lawn crew running over it tossing lizzard parts allover my patio. But I needn't have worried last night after dinner the ferrel cats feed for several hours. Which in the circle of life is a good thing- they have been looking thin. As nature would have it, the biggest & strongest ate first.
I went to bed thinking ther would be parts left but nope gone every last bit.

I have been reading posts but not commenting much as I am only using the I-phone and it's hard to type.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Lounge Lizard

I took this picture a couple weeks ago. Check out what is hanging around in my tree. I have been watching to see if it wakes up and rights itself, or wakes up and falls out. Either way I hope it wakes up and crawls off to someone elses tree!

I also had a black petrified/frozen frog sitting on my step. When I went to broom him away from my step he poofed! Interesting critters in Florida.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010


Friday was my last every day babysitting. Now I will go to part time and whenever time. I felt a little sad like I shouldn't be feeling as happy as Shannon but I was. Okay I guess that makes me a bad GaGa.

Got a relaxing morning, read a whole book and did a put away and minor cleaning of house. It felt good. Now for a movie night complete with popcorn!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Toilet Whisper

Over the holiday Erin told Jon P. that the whining and groaning in the pipes in the powder room were too much flow to the toilet. He ignored her at first but finally tried it and more noise! (Shannon had been putting up with that noise for about 7 years.) Then my John brought up that our toilet upstairs kept making a loud water filling noise every 30 minutes but the toilet didn't appear to be leaking but he was going to check it out. I said it sounded like a pump pushing water to the second floor. But Erin said check the flapper it's almost always the flapper.
So John checked it by shutting off the water supply and wal-la! The flapper was bad. He replaced it and no more weird noise no more wasted water.
Shannon then named Erin the toilet whisper.

Got a problem with your toilet? Call the Toilet Whisper...954-#*%-#$*% for fast service. (Rates to be determined.)

Thanks Erin!