Thursday, July 31, 2008


Hurt my arm in one of those--you won't believe it accidents--can't move it much but I am getting along. (Shannon is taking care of me.) Hurt's to type...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Here's to you

I had my 35th anniversary this week. Too bad I couldn't have spent it with my husband. (Sorry honey!) Here's to the guy who really deserves a metal for hanging in there with me for 3 & 1/2 decades! Hip Hip Hurray!

Haven't been able to post for a while as there has been a computer glitch in MN and I am not able to connect here as they are using my remote access there--to complicated to explain. New computer up and running now.

I have been sewing and finally getting to my own chores. And of course I am still doing battle with my relief there.

That is about it all the excitement in my life for now.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Don't Bug Me

I called Pam at Orkin, I have her private cell number, when you know your exterminator that well...something is WRONG! But I do feel a bit better about having been sprayed from inside and out. Now if it will only work!
--Also today I went to Publix and saw an even bigger cockroach than the one I killed at home yesterday--that doesn't evoke much confidence in the food we buy does it?

On a much happier note today Shannon and I went to see baby Miller. What a darling he is. He is adorable. And he was good as gold. (Could we get a "ditto" please!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Murder in the Morning

Yesterday the outdoor exterminator for the complex came around. I told him I had ants. He said, "no uncles?" Funny guy. But he was spraying everything and I was happy hoping I could get rid of the ants and any uncles that might be lurking around.

This morning I woke up to a home invasion! A big cock roach was sitting braisenly right at the bottom of the landing near the couch. Shit! I ran for the Hot Shot and killed the M.F. Wacked him with a broom swept him up and out the door he went. Then I sat down to regroup and saw a small one...repeat above. Then spotted a caterpillar worm thing...dito. Okay for petesake did he just run them all into the house? The Ants brought the Uncles and are really invading now.
If it wasn't for my soon to be Grand daughter...I would high-tail it back to MN!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day @ home

I hate vacuuming! What a work out by the time I am done I feel like I did an hour of hard exercise--hey maybe I should vacuum more often? I would if this vacuum had a cord longer than 8ft! Gosh I can't even get through one room without replugging...irritating!
I am going to buy a new vacuum so if anyone has one they like I am open to suggestions. If yours has a long cord even better!

Cleanned the bathrooms, kitchen and dusted, whole house looks better and smells like fabreeze.

These ants are driving me up a wall. I'm calling Orkin today although it won't do any good because they are dying once they get in but I want them stopped outside dammit! Is that too much to ask?

I am cooking Bar-B-Q ribs and boy do they smell wonderful. I can smell them through the garage door. Yes I have the roaster in the garage. Thanks Howie for the tip. My brother suggested I do them out side to keep the house cool but I thought the garage would be easier and I am helping with the AC bill...see honey I am thinking about you all the time.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Get behind me Satan

Shannon must have read my blog and is easing up on me! ha ha Friday we went to the cheap theater and saw "What happens in Vegas" pretty funny. Then yesterday we found time for a swim! Hurrah, I haven't raised the water level on the pool for months! We waited until super-time and it felt wonderfully refreshing. Especially since Shannon and Jon's house wasn't that cool...hope that air conditioner isn't going on the fritz yet again...
(My place is always like a walk in freezer...sorry John I know I am running up a heck of a bill.)

Angel seems better she hasn't yakked for a day now...we'll see. I told her to stop eating those lizards in case she did!

Curious George can now look around and be curious as he is no longer blind; and he is breathing better-two nostrils; and he no longer has holes. But he is still pretty used up and worn out. He and I have a lot in common.

I am really liking Shannon's new doo. It seems very practical for this weather. I am not sorry I hacked it off. When she gets that-the hair has to go look-I know she won't rest until it is gone. I need a chop myself maybe this week.

It looks like another HOT one today. I told a friend that the Devil has his summer home here in Florida.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Lots of thoughts

The creatures are just horrible here at my house. Ants everywhere, I vacuum them up three times a day. Also the lizards are really trying to move in. (Guess they like the condo.) Every time I open the front door one runs in. They want to be room-mates even after I told them this not a stable home, we barely have money for food, we go to bed at 7:00 pm and then get up at 3:00 am, the woman of the house is a control freak, but they don't believe. Shannon used the Tupperware and paper removal method one day; then the next I used the broom to sweep them out. Tonight I went to the garage and had to do the broom shuffle again...damn.

Dog is sick and puking again. Wish she would get better might have to take her in on Monday if I don't see improvement. I don't know what the deal is there...poor baby.

Today Shannon and I dug out some baby stuff from my cedar chest, dolls, baby clothes, Curious George. Shannon's C. George had really been loved! He had several holes, no eyes or nose. Shannon actually turned her nose up at he wasn't good enough to make the "baby" cut. I said I would spruce him up and patch him up but he was moving to her house! He has been waiting a long time for a new little friend.

Another first, I cried like a baby at the new episode of the Dog Whisper tonight! Cesar gave a family one of his pack, Louis, a Chinese Crested, that has been with him for the last two years. He has gone out with Cesar on many house calls. I just felt so sad for Louis that Cesar would be leaving him behind. But he did seem happy with his real family, but sad.

Cesar if you are reading please do a follow-up with Louis and let us know he really happy without you. Also, I think you should grow the mustache back! You look cute without it, but handsome with it...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Be afraid be very afraid

When Shannon gets an idea look out! She has no patience at all. (I'm surprised she is waiting 10 months for this baby!) She got the idea on our last day of boring driving that the loft area would be a good place for a play room and you guessed it...the first day home she has me moving all furniture to a new location. The heck with the fact that the four days of grueling driving had my back sore already apparently what it needed was pushing and shoving furniture around by myself to get it into shape!
Today I am trying to straighten some stuff here and unpack. (Yes I am avoiding going over to her house in fear of what is in store today!) I didn't do anything at my house yesterday as I fell into bed at 6:30. I am surprised I woke up at all..........

A word to the wise: if you bump into Shannon run for your life..........

Monday, July 7, 2008

Making a list and checking it twice

It's been a lot of lists and the satisfaction of crossing them off! Car packed, check check. (Hope we don't need to add much in the more room. Sadly had to leave one table I really wanted in Florida but next to throwing out Shannon I just couldn't have fit it in. We did bring one big heavy table for the sewing room (sorry to which ever guy has to help Jon P. carry it up my stairs! I will have beer though!) The dog will still fit in and that was the most important.

I am sorry to leave everyone I love behind, especially my John...gosh how I will miss him. But he will be down soon and taking lots of vacations!

One last get together at the resort for book club (as Shannon says...more food) and then it is off to Florida. Hurrican's look out! We are a whirlwind all on our own!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I have a second to think: after hosting a annual party on the 4th for about 30...small group this was fun and food for all after a very nice parade.

Since I have been home I have had two of the three shindigs I had planned--one to go on Tuesday. Although I wonder what I was thinking...that is one a week and in this little place???

The weather has been so wonderful! Mn is reminding us what we will be missing going back to hot, humid & hurricanes! But FL has baby!

Not looking forward to the drive back. Hope Shannon does as well as the trip here! Fingers crossed!

Chow for now!