Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thank you

Thanks to all of you who helped celebrate my brithday. Thanks to my friends in FL who joined me for dinner, drinks and fun! Thanks for the lovely cards and gifts. Thank you Shannon for putting together my birthday book, which brought back so many great memories.

For those of you who don't know, Shannon put together thoughts and stories from my friends and family back home and across the country, complete with photos from my youth, for my 60th is a treasure! And sorry, way too big to publish. But I wanted to say thank you to all of them, so here goes.

How do I go about telling you, my dear friends and family, what it was like to read my special 60th Birthday Book…Other than to say that you all made me CRY on my birthday! Well, ball like a baby would be more accurate. Most of the time I couldn’t see to read it.

I was wondering if you guys ever tried spinning straw into gold? If not you should, because spinning my bossy, sassy, over-exuberant, uncensored advice-giving attitude into such beautiful thoughts took some real spinning talent! And in this economy gold could come in handy. I won’t be needing any, however, because I am rich!

Rich in friends, I couldn’t ask for any better. You are always there for me in times of need. (And we all know I’ve had some times of need.) But through it all you have propped me up and believed in me. You have cried with me and made me laugh when I thought I might never laugh again. Others shared bottles and bottles of wine when forgetting was the only thing that worked. Over the years some of you shared your children and grandchildren when I needed that so much. With you in my life I am truly blessed. You have touched my heart and changed me for the better in ways you don’t even know. I don’t deserve you—but I thank God for you everyday!

Rich in family, why I have the greatest family in the entire world! I was blessed with the best parents a girl could ever have. They taught me to be independent, kind hearted & strong-willed. (They didn’t have to work too hard on the strong-willed part.) I was lucky enough to grow up in paradise. The resort was and will always be, better than Disneyland to me. I wouldn’t have changed a thing in my childhood. Even with three brothers teasing and torturing me daily. (Or was that me teasing and torturing them? Umm) But whatever, again I was blessed. I always used to want to trade one for a sister but now I never would. It’s nice having brothers to look after you. And I got my sisters after all, in my sister-in-laws on both sides. You all became dear sisters to me. As for my husband, well I don’t have to tell any of you I hit the jack-pot there! There is not another man on this or any other planet that would have put up with me for all these years! Not another one who would sacrifice for our family like he does everyday! Which brings me to my beautiful Shannon…it would take a lifetime to write about the joy you have brought me. So suffice to say, you are my best friend, my life. You make me want to be a better person. You inspire me. I am the luckiest mother on earth. And to bring it full circle you have given me Rylee. Every time I hold her in my arms and kiss her I thank the Lord and say what did I ever do to deserve this little bundle of joy? Every time she makes one of her silly faces or gets so mad she shakes, I say, Oh world, lookout here comes Rylee...I hope you are ready!

To all my family, extended family, in-laws (son in-law included-he is the best) and dear friends, I don’t know what I would do without all of you…but I never want to find out! I know that when I need you I just have to call. I think you know that goes both ways.

I used to complain about my birthdays and getting older. But Mom told me once, “be happy when you have a birthday—it means you’re above ground-the alternative is pushing up daises!” Good advice. And today it means even more than that to me. It means that I have had a lot of experiences these past 60 years that have led me here to a loving family & so many wonderful friends that feel like my family. I am truly the richest person on earth!!!

I love you all…Connie

(Hey Mom, I’m looking forward to 61…bring it on!)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Patches lives in the Tajmahal

Okay I know I can't spell Tajmahal but you should see how happy Patches looked last night. I went in to visit her. Her house is better than most of ours! She was in the guest bedroom-just until the dogs get used to ignoring her-She has a couch that turns into a hide-a-bed (in case she invites any friends over)she has her own computer (I wonder if she will blog?) she has a great soft quilted pillow with her name on it, I made for her, she has a new mommy that cuddles and pets her, she has a window sill that she lies on to look out on the street to remind her how much better her life is now!

She was happy to see me (I'm like her birth mommy after all.) I brought her favorite treats and food with me and she was happy to get what she likes to eat. She had already used the kitty litter-I think she is going to be a good girl. She looked so clean and fresh after her bath. Her fur was so soft. (I will try to get a photo later for an update.)

For living outside for months, she didn't have any illnesses, parasites or fleas. Go figure. I felt sad and will miss her sitting outside my door waiting for her food and running to meet me every time I walk outside but when I left I felt really good about leaving her there in her new forever home! Bye Bye Patches-be happy-I love you!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Added Photos

Mom wanted me to add some photos of Patches (the finally adopted kitty!) to her post below. Please scroll down to view. :)

Oh, and you'll be happy to know that all her tests came back negative. She is one healthy (and hopefully soon to be happy and loved) kitty!

Greatest Birthday Ever

My 60th is turning out to be the best birthday yet. Here's why.

First, I am spending it with my Granddaughter! Something that never happened in my fifties. That is the most special gift to come along since I was 27.

Second, My next door neighbor adopted my kitty! After the bad neighbors who never followed through finally were out of the picture I put project-get the cat adopted- into full force. And low and behold my next door neighbor Darlene, who has two small dogs and is really nice, decided the kitty was so sweet she would take her herself! This morning she took her to the vet where she is getting tested for all the bad stuff,(keep a prayer for her today) getting booster shots for the good, finishing with a flea bath and with any luck at all will spend her first night in a house tonight! (Keep a prayer she is a good little kitty and the dogs like her.) I couldn't have gotten a better gift. I know it came from above...thanks!

Here's Patches!

Third, I spent Saturday all day with Shannon and Venessa, we drove to West Palm, shopped furniture, people watched (this was the good part...future posts) and had dinner at Havana Hideout a DIVE featured on Food Networks Dinner's, drive-ins and dives. It was the coolest and divest spot you could imagine. (future posts on the bathrooms) What an experience the whole day was! Thanks girls!

Fourth, It's not over yet. Tuesday is dinner with gal-pals at Japan Inn. (If any girls want to join us...consider yourself invited.) And later in the week more food frenzy as Venessa knows this great burger joint. Another Dive.

This is turning out to be worth turning 60! So happy 60th birthday to me!

PS One comment today from my darling son-in-law who just had to mention that I was closer to 100 than to 0...made me feel so good....grrr. But he did have the cutest grin on his face at the time so I won't hold it against him. And after all, it's true.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Parking lot etiquette

The other day at Publix I was turning down an aisle and of course some people were parked in the middle of the lane waiting for a number 2 slot parking spot, while the person was unloading a huge cart and had three kids to get in the car. A guy a head of me honked at her to move there were three spots open further down in the 8.9.10 spots. When she didn't move he drove around her. I thought she would get the hint...but no, so I drove around her too. After I got around her a car backed out from a #7 slot stopping me, so when that person drove out I parked there. As I walked by her she got out of her car and started yelling at me..."Why did I take that open spot, I knew she was there?"
I answered, "Lady, you were waiting for the first spot."
"No, I was waiting for any spot."
I said, "Baloney. If you were why not take one of the three spots that were open?"
She accosted me one more time in the store and started all over again...but the other guy that drove around her walked by and said, "Hey lady, stop your bitchen! And stop parking in the lane waiting for spots to open...People like you are what pisses every one off!"
I just smiled and walked away. I did enjoy the open mouth look of shock on her face though!
Use parking lot etiquette or suffer the consequences.

Monday, April 20, 2009

time for intervention

Okay I am back to worring about the cat! Although my neighbors said they were taking her to the Vet and moving her to their office...they haven't done a thing. I only have five weeks I am going to talk to them tonight or tomorrow if I can catch them...and give them an's now or never folks they need to Shit or get off the pot! Either they get the cat the love and health care she needs or I take over and get her to the friend who is taking her in until she finds a home for her...she could have had a forever home by now! She is the sweetest most loving cat you have ever seen. Also she is a long haired calico which I understand is rare.

I wish I wasn't alergic I would be keeping her myself. She seems to love all other animals, dog's & even birds.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

mutiny and mahem

Tonight we over-through our homeowners association board completely! Five for five. Putting it bluntly, we kicked their ass to the curb!

But it was completely uneventful. We marched in prepared for battle, but when we threw down our proxy sheets and they saw we had a quorum on our side...they backed down like little girls with pee pee pants. Damn it-took all the fun out of it. We called for nominations and tossed out five names. They didn't even put their names in the ring as they could see the writing on the wall.

Sadly, I was disappointed. I wanted to do battle. (I know, I'm an awful person.) Our board has been horrible and unreasonable. They wouldn't ever listen to anyone. One woman, Pamela, what a witch, I wanted her to speak up, but not a darn word. However, if looks could kill...we'd all be dead.

It was a very good feeling though and we were all very happy. We whistled a happy tune as we walked home.

At our meeting last Dec. when they wouldn't listen to about 25 of us all complaining about a contract they were about to sign with an alarm company we didn't want...and they said too bad, we don't have to listen because we make the decisions...all I have to say to them now is "Bye Bye!"

Gad that feels great!


Nothing remotely interesting happening in my life! I think I need to go out and tie a good one least I will have something to blog about.

Our home association meeting is tonight and we are over-throwing the entire board that is in place now...and we have the votes to do it...this should be interesting! If all hell breaks loose tomorrow's blog might be worth reading.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

got me thinking

Jess posted she found a dryer sheet stuck in her clothes while running and wondered if it happened to anyone else, this got me thinking...

I don't run...hell I can hardly walk...but I can relate to the dryer sheet dilemma. I find them stuck everywhere. I consider myself lucky if I find them before the dog-who loves to chew/shred them!

FYI They are handy to use in a lot of places other than are a few ways I use them:
Stick them in stinky shoes.
Place them across your air ducts to filter the dust and make the place smell great.
Stuff them inside your pillow cases, under sheets for that just so fresh smell at night.
Put one in your luggage when you put it away after a trip.
Put one in each closet and drawer.
Put one in the dirty clothes hamper.
Stuff one behind the pillows of your couch.

These are just a few places I use them...does anyone else do this??? If not, try it.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Finally posting a quick note. I will bring you up to speed.

I have been busy with family and havn't had time to go online. We have been having a ball though. They left this morning so I guess my routine will go back to normal-darn.

The neighbors have decided to adopt the stray kitty I have been feeding and worrying over. They are taking her to the vet this week and then she is going to be their office cat. I hope she will get the love she deserves. I will miss her, she and I have grown quite attached to one another.

Hope you had a great day....Happy Easter.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Across the pond

Yesterday I drove across the pond (aligator alley) to have lunch, shopping and dinner with my cousin and her friend. We had an amazing time. The best part was sitting -visiting- by her pool. It was windy and cold but still a great time.

One of the stores we went to had the coolest T-shirts, they were "old timers" with John Wayne's picture and a saying. They were cooler than they sound...I swear...I almost bought one.

We hit the best of everything jewelery store...I did go nuts there, mostly gifts, some even for me. I went into a Coldwater Creek store and splurged on a shirt and capris for myself, shouldn't have but oh well.

Day fun!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Crazy Family

My brother, sister-in-law and their kids came to visit. So as my cousin, who is more like my sister, was in Naples visiting her best friend I invited them to brunch. We made it Easter actually and gave the kids baskets etc. at the same time. In my small place with everyone trying to help, visit, play with Rylee and eat it was quite the circus. There were several conversations going at once, arguing politics, disagreeing about school systems, planning the rest of the day and Shannon said, "this is what I miss. This feels like the old days at Grandma and Grandpa's! It's so good to be around our big, noisy, loud, fun, crazy family! I agree!

(Later in the day it got completely "bizarro"...I am hoping Shannon will blog about that fiasco it makes me tired just thinking about it...but if not I will later. Suffice to say it was a cluster f...!)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Twilight part two

Managed to find time to watch Twilight two more times today and re-read the entire Twilight book...I have way to much free time on my hands these days! (Also, I don't sleep.) I really did enjoy it though! Hope I don't wear out the movie before I give it back to Shannon, might have to buy her new copy.

In regards to those who can't watch a movie repeatedly...that has never been my problem. If I love it there is no end to how many times I see it.