Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Rinde's!

To your family from ours: we hope 2009 brings you peace; good health; more time with your families; and enough cash to live comfortable.

We are babysitting Rylee tonight what a wonderful way to ring in the New Year. Last year at this time we didn't even know she was coming, what a difference a year makes.

Love to all...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Playing Possum

I don't like anything nature related being around me. For example: the pigeons that took up residence in my neighbors awnings; the big white Crane-looking birds in Shannon's complex; those multi-colored ducks you see waddling around; the lizards who decide my garage isn't good enough housing and insist on moving inside; cock roaches (enough said); and now possums.
The long and the short of is that the other morning I saw a huge possum waddling past my deck door. I said, "John look," and we watched it go into the shrubs by my kitchen. Then we say a baby one walk by. I closed the drapes so the dog wouldn't start barking. (After John promised to go have a look later.) Then I heard something like the sound of something scratching on metal. We looked out and I thought they were trying to crawl in my air conditioning unit. (Like they crawled into Jon P. water softener cover.) Then I left with Shannon to take her friends to the boat. When I returned I saw our Bar-B-Q grill sitting in my driveway. Ah ha! That is when I knew that those creatures picked my place to throw a dinner party. They were planning a back yard grilling get-together in MY yard. What are the odds? Yep, John went out and looked around. Then looked in the grill, nothing. Then banged on it, nothing. Then opened the drip pan and the baby possum jumped out and waddled away. The pan was chucked full of old leaves, how did they get them in there? No mommy found. John has been feeling bad ever since wondering if the baby ever found his mommy. (I hope he did, but I am glad we foiled their party plans! And happy we hadn't decided to grill...they would have been dinner! Yuk!) The moral of the story is: I am not a nature lover.

**Update...for Mom2ET I forgot about "Vicks" thing, thanks for the reminder. I heard about it last year and tried it myself and it worked great. I told John to try it last night and there has been less coughing, but he slept downstairs sitting up in the big chair so I'm not sure how it worked. However, it sounds quite down there and I don't want to wake him if he's sleeping so I am blogging instead of going down to fix coffee.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nurse Batty

John is so sick. He can't sleep (the coughing). (Which is keeping me awake all night too.) He can't be near Rylee (contagious). Pouting (he hates being sick and is such a baby-what guy isn't?) When he is sick he becomes completely incapable of functioning, I need to remind him of his meds and soothing rubs at every turn. I am so sick of being a nurse and I am so bad at it. (I want to strangle the!)

I finally sent him to the doctor yesterday and when he got home I asked what kind of cough syrup he got to help him sleep? He said he forgot to tell her he was coughing so much he couldn't sleep.
(I shook my head, my mother told me the Lord helps those who help themselves. I guess she was right.)

If he doesn't start feeling better soon he will piss away his whole vacation. I feel bad about that, since he has been so looking forward to being with Rylee. Colds are evil. Got any great remedies to share?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Here it is Christmas...and I barely have time to post this bad rhyme! Hope you had a wonderful day with loved ones!

The presents all opened,
Evidenced by wrappings strewn
all over the room.

Many good foods were consumed...
& The drinks were a plenty,
Everyone tired and running on empty.

So now for the let down that surely will come.
The money we spent...oh what have we done!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Still Kickin

Still moving ahead on the festivities of the holiday! With the hubby here there is no time to blog. But we are having so much fun. Having him around makes everything right.
Baby's up...gotta run....
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Misc. thoughts:

People don't post much during the month of Dec. everyone must be running on empty I know I am.

I haven't gotten any more cards back so I guess that was the end of my no stamp pile.

Projects almost done. Shopping completely done. Cleaning started. By the way I have decided I hate cleaning and laundry.

Down the street some neighbors had a Par-TA last night. They are four houses down and yet I could hear the music loud enough to sing along. I almost got dressed and joined them it sounded so fun. Would that have been tacky? I would have brought my own booze.

Countdown to happiness...only one more day and the hubby gets here. Expect very few posts...we will be busy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Going Postal

There are those who are dumb, and those who are dumber, but I venture to guess that I am dumbest! I hurried to get out all my Christmas cards and was so pleased with myself. Then today I went to the mail box and got four cards back stamped no postage! I have a weird feeling that isn't the last of it either.
Does anyone know if I can just put a stamp on it and re-send or because of the no postage thing do I need a new envelope?

I did accomplish something...I wrapped all the gifts tonight!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Monkey Business

The other day driving home I saw a monkey in a tree! I was so excited I changed lanes and made a U-turn for a better look; as I sped past the first time. You know how Florida is I figured I’d be lucky if it was still there by the time I got back around. But I was so I approached I could still see it. I drove closer and slower and I could see it was...........Wait for it..................................................................................................
it was the bark from a palm tree! Damn! But honestly, it looked just like a monkey, long hairy tale and all. I swear it did.

Now go back in time to about 1959:
When I was about 10 years old my mom and dad took us to the Duluth Zoo and the zoo had spider monkeys. As I remember them they were small, furry and screamed a lot. Well, I promptly fell in love with them! (And in those days you could buy them.) I begged and begged until my dad disappeared and returned with a monkey. I remember I was so excited and wanted to take it out of the carton and play with it right away. To which my mom promptly said "no!" She pulled my dad aside telling him that the monkeys were wild and would bite! And it wouldn’t be fair to the monkey to lock it in a little cage, when here it had a big one with other monkeys and trees to swing from...well anyway she convinced him to give it back. And I was so mad (at her) and disappointed (at him) I cried all the way home.

Well, the long and the short of it is I guess I have always been looking for that cute little monkey; and I’ll keep checking out trees you just never know.

Thanks Dad for trying to make your little girl happy; and thanks Mom for not letting him-you were right!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All kinds of Christmas busy

These are my two best girls...Angel (my doggie) and Rylee. Grandma is busy helping Shannon get ready for Christmas and trying to get myself ready as well. I'm sure everyone is in the same rush. When I get time I will post. Meanwhile keep a cool head all will get done.
(And to Juliet thanks for reading!)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Interesting day

Driver malfunction:
I found out the accident was from a driver heading south on Oakland who fell asleep (or was drunk) and just swerved over at an angle by our place and--crash. His tennis shoe must have come off and flew out, it is laying in the hole he left in the ground where the pole was. How weird is that. He must have been going fast.

One of my neighbors here in the complex came over tonight for a visit and brought me a great gift basket filled with wine, gourmet pretzels and dip, cookies. Also two additional bottles of wine and a gift for Rylee. Wow, I was blown away. That was so darn sweet.

I saw a van and some suspicious guys cleaning up the property here...but they walked past a lot of discarded either they were doing a lousy job or they were casing the joint. I was leaving but I called the police just in case. We have had so many break-ins I thought better safe than sorry.

Today I was over at Shannon's. I did some picking up around here. Not cleaning, maybe Sunday. I also did some beading, TV and now bed.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Accidents happen-but how?

Okay Jess how is your bill 50 bucks you have DVR? That is the only extra I have and it is supposed to be $5.00 extra per month.

Last night there were cops everywhere and FPL and ambulances in front of my place and this morning I figured out why--someone hit a Sunrise City light post. The big (huge) cement kind...right at the entrance of my complex. I have looked and looked and I can't figure out how it happened. The person was going west on Oakland turning into Entrata. No way you could hit the pole that hard...but hit it they did. It was totalled, down and smashed, demolished. How did they do it? Drive by and see if you can figure it out.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

money doesn't grow on trees

Comcast gave me a call tonight. How lucky was I? Not very. I found out that the 138.00 I now pay a month for a few lousy channels and what they call high speed internet (I beg to differ) will be going to 156.00 mo. because I was getting a special deal and now it's running out. So maybe I will check out the ATT package or maybe I will cancel it all together. This shit costs too much moola & money doesn't grow on trees!

Couldn't sleep last night at I am hitting the hay early. (Angel is already sawing logs!)