Friday, August 28, 2009

Stepping up

Rylee took four unassisted steps in a row today and actually moved forward! Hurray for her! Now she is having a tea party and I want to join...see ya.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Catch up

Rylee is playing in the toy box next to me so I thought I catch up on blogging. Which is not the only thing that needs catching up. I am still pretty much playing catch up on everything. Catch up on cleaning and getting reorganized. Catch up on sewing projects. Catch up with friends. Catch up on the hunt for new furniture. Catch up on sleep! I haven't even caught up with Shannon since I have been home as when she walks in the door, I walk out, rushing to catch up on the above! Maybe once I have another weekend to myself things will slow down.

Rylee has been so funny today. She is so wanting to get into some trouble with cabinets or the fish tank or climbing...she is off again. I better catch up!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

barking dog

Today Rio is back on patrol. The last two days she has been staying close by but today she has decided I can be trusted and has moved out to the door where she barks at most anything traveling loudly by-waking up Rylee. Grrrr. At present I am seeing if she will go back to sleep for a third time during this nap.

Last night I couldn't sleep a wink, I hate that, my mind just chattered with jibberish all night. Oh and by the way I still didn't unpack.
Can you spell L A Z Y? I did watch 17 again and it was cute.

Well, Rylee is calling, she didn't go back to sleep.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday lovin'

Yesterday Rylee and I had so much fun playing. She was a laugh a minute. What a difference a day makes...she must have caught her daddy's cold. Today her nose is running and she is content just to sit on my lap and cuddle with her blankie. Of course I don't wish this cold on her, but I am enjoying the lovin' just the same. I have been humming and rocking her back and forth and what is so cute...she hums with me. She is such a little copy cat. (She even hums out of tune, just like me.)

Last night I did some work, mostly rested still tired from my trip I guess. I haven't unpacked or made the bed in two days...where oh where has Connie gone?
Rylee is sleeping so I better put this time to better use.

Hi to Cindie! Miss you friends back home.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nanny on duty

I can't believe the changes in Rylee in a month. She is walking, she has long hair (in the back anyway)she is off the bottle and just not a baby anymore. She walked down the hall with me hand in hand to change her diaper today. And I thought...sad...where did my baby go?

I slept good last night but the house is a disaster, tonight I must unpack and clean. Hope to see my Florida pals soon.

I see you were saving the hurricans until I could get back!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Rylee here comes gramma! I've been missing you, actually I have been missing both my girls. See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meteor shower

Last night at birthday girls we were Lucky enough to be out on the lake during a meteor shower!
Wow so many shooting stars. It was great.

Also, welcome baby Norah!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

water works

I have to admit something very embarrassing...I am officially the sappiest person on the planet.

Yesterday I watched the dumbest show on earth, "Lars and the real girl" If you haven't seen it...don't! But the idea is this guy is so lonely he orders a fake, rubber girl friend and treats her like real. The whole town goes along with it and invites this girl everywhere because they like him so much. And yes it is as bad and stupid as it sounds...
(Here comes my embarrassing moment:) finally the girl dies (as he is ready to rejoin reality) they have a funeral etc...and I bawled like a baby! Seriously, I felt bad, not for him, but for lonely people all over who might be feeling like he did...I know it is ridiculous. I thought it was at the time but couldn't seem to hold in the water works.
Good gosh, is there nothing I won't cry at? Pathetic!

Oh a happier note: John and I went to the county fair the night before and had a wonderful time. Nothing better than people watching and the fair food! Such fun. Also heard a great young band, called "start" they are 14 to 17, cute, all boys great mucic, great singers...all related. They will make it-you will be hearing about them. They have a CD check it out!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cabin Fever Forever!

When old grade school friends re-unite it is a thing of beauty! Yesterday six of us got together at Cindie's cabin in Hackinsack. What fun. She had a table set that Martha Stewart would be proud of. WOW! Cloth napkins and all! She made us the most delicious meal and pie. We checked out the area and went Agate hunting, and didn't leave until after 7:00 pm. Her place is as delightful as she is...a real gem. It did give me a few ideas for our resort since her cabin was a resort at one time too. (thinking on it...) I loved the whole feel of the place.

I do have to tease her...we not only got one set of cloth napkins we got two...a second one with desert! Confessions: In my entire life I have never, no never, put out cloth napkins. My idea of a napkin is tearing a paper towel in two.

Anyway the day and the friends will be hard to top.

Today I called her, I offered to buy lunch but she had leftovers and invited me to work, where everyone was so welcoming! Thanks!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Adding to my "worst wife award" was Tuesday was my 36th anniversary...did I spend it with my hubby? NO I hosted my Birthday girls club out at the lake. Three things in my defence: that was day that they usually meet, so all but one could come; I did make him a wonderful dinner the night before; and today we are celebrating with a movie and dinner out. But still...I deserve the Worst Wife Award.

Last night to top it off I woke him out of a deep sleep screaming in pain as I had those terrible cramps in my thighs again...Oh my gosh I thought I'd die...and he thought the neighbors were going to be calling the police on him. (If I see them outside today I will try to explain so they don't think he beats me.) Finally the pills kicked in and after what felt like an hour-real time 15 minutes-the subsided.

Other than that not a lot new. Missing my Rylee!