Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The class of 1967 celebrated our collective 60th Birthdays together this weekend...what a blast! You won't believe it but I was the last one standing. (Well Dale and I but he let me walk out last just to say I hung in there the longest.) That isn't bad for a girl (that is a loose term) who usually hits the hay by 8:30.
It was wonderful to see old friends but you never get enough time to visit...you would need a week.
Here is too old friends being the best friends....I love you all.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Captain of the ship

We bought an old pontoon and I have been loving it. I go out every couple days and drive to the middle of the lake and float! A few times I have had a girl friend come with. Today it was Ginny and if she wasn't such a good friend she might say that was her last trip. I wasn't very Captain worth today. I brought a great lunch and a bottle of wine, grabbed the life jackets from the shed. Loaded the boat. Casted off, pushed us out into the lake, sat in the drivers seat...(wait for it) and realized I forgot the boat key! Yep, there we were gliding into the deep with no paddles and no way to start the motor! Lucky for her quick thinking, we laid down in the front and used our hands to paddle like crazy and got back to dry-dock! Once we had the key and motored out though, we had a great afternoon floating, sipping wine and talking.
For future reference: In case anyone else is that dumb I put a pair of oars on board now!
Yesterday, my brother-in-law and I went out fishing. I have never enjoyed the lake so much in years. I will miss that most when I come back to Florida. It is so peaceful.

Friday, July 17, 2009

unrelated thoughts

Quick post:
Chickened out of my carpel tunnel surgery! Long story, still can't type much.
Missing Shannon and Rylee. (And FL ironically enough-the sun and people not the heat.)
Crappy weather here! Cold and rainy, dreary...not like July.
Class of '67's 60th Birthday party coming up...can't wait.
Having lots of fun on the pontoon...no fishing for real yet. Maybe soon.
Still reading your blogs though and keeping up.
Have a good weekend all.......